The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

Cleaning your carpets is something that needs to be done regularly because the carpets get dirty very easily and absorb all the dust and other harmful particles in your home. But cleaning them can be really demanding and time consuming task, especially if you have a big house with many carpets. That’s why it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. There are many reputable and reliable carpet cleaners Melbourne professionals that use effective and innovative carpet cleaning techniques. Most carpet cleaners Melbourne professionals use the following carpet cleaning techniques:

  • hot water extraction,
  • steam cleaning,
  • dry cleaning,
  • foam cleaning, and
  • powder cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Or Hot Water Extraction – This is definitely the most popular carpet cleaning technique that is used by many carpet cleaners Melbourne professionals. With this carpet cleaning technique, a hot water mixed with special cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet by using a pressure washer. Then a vacuum cleaner is used to remove all the dirt and the cleaning solution from the carpet. The steam cleaning technique is the most common method used by many reputable carpet cleaners Melbourne professionals. The most popular steam cleaning method involves a number of stages, such as a pre-vacuum treatment for removing the dry soils from the carpets before they become wet and muddy, spots and strains treatments, pre-spraying the carpets with a cleaning solution and other similar cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning – The carpet cleaners Melbourne professionals use a dry cleaning technique with chemicals and heat in the cleaning procedure. The dry cleaning technique is ideal for removing the greasy build up in the carpet fibers. Your vacuum cleaner usually cannot remove these greasy strains and dirt. Professional carpet cleaners Melbourne use a rotary machine for picking up all the dirt from the carpets. This rotary machine comes with absorbent pads which rotate at high speed. The dry cleaning carpet procedure includes several steps, such as spot and strain cleaning, pre-cleanining vacuum, treating the carpet with appropriate cleaning solution and other similar cleaning actions.

Powder And Foam Cleaning – The main detergent that is used in this carpet cleaning procedure is foam. A special cleaning machine creates foam and uses specially designed brushes to spread the foam on the carpet. Once the foam is spread on the entire carpet, a vacuum cleaning machine is used to pick up the foam and the accumulated dirt. Another similar method used by many carpet cleaners Melbourne professionals is the absorbent compound cleaning. With this method, a special absorbent cleaning solution, usually a powder, is spread on the carpet and later removed by a vacuum. The foam and powder cleaning procedure is considered less effective when compared to the previous two cleaning methods because no heat is being used during the cleaning procedure.