Most Popular Caravan Electrical Accessories

For adventurers, there is nothing more exciting and more interesting than traveling the country in a caravan. These people are born to be free and to create their own living, cooking and sleeping arrangements. If you consider yourself an adventurer, this article is a must-read for you.


Before embarking on your adventure, you need to consider which caravan electrical accessories to include in your caravan that will save money, time and ensure superior comfort. Caravan accessories are an excellent way to improve your camping trips, but only if you have the right gadgets. Don’t know which accessories to buy? No worries, we got you covered. Here are the most popular caravan electrical accessories you should definitely consider.

Portable Fridge – Without any doubts, portable fridge is the single most popular caravan accessory. Portable or caravan fridges are used to keep your food and drink cool and fresh. Contrary to popular belief, these fridges consume less energy and will not ‘kill’ the battery of your caravan. They operate just like fridges designed for home use, running on a 12V battery or from 240V AC to maintain electricity, which is usually an AC adapter. Portable fridges are designed to remain cold under all ambient temperatures.

12V LED Television – When the sun is gone, there’s nothing better than watching TV until falling asleep. LED televisions work on 12V and are light weight and able to fit all sorts of wall mounting brackets. The 12V televisions are among the most commonly used caravan electrical accessories. They come with different screen sizes and various additional features, such as tuner, radio, DVD player, USB drives, external speaker output, etc. You can move your television from area to area, as it has one-touch auto tune.

Solar Panel – Take one more advantage from the sun and install folding solar panels, which can generate hundreds of watts per day. Solar panels are certainly among the most popular caravan electrical accessories, because they are used to power a variety of electrical appliances, including fridges, TVs, DVD players, laptops, phones, low-wattage light systems, etc. Use the energy from the sun to provide a supply of pure electrical energy. Buying a folding solar panel is a smart energy-saving investment.

Inverter – To turn the 12V battery voltage into a sine-wave voltage of 240V AC, you need to get an inverter. Inverters convert DC that flows in one direction only to AC that flows in both directions. Lightweight and compact, inverters are powered by a 12-24V battery, with the size ranging from 100 to 500W. With inverter in your caravan, you can run a variety of small 240V electrical appliances. To charge an inverter, you can use your automobile engine, your folding solar panel or similar power supply available in your caravan.