The Most Popular Books By Nick Vujicic

Just imagine getting through your day full with obligations with no feet or hands. Picture your life with no ability to care for your main needs, to walk or even give a hug to the people you love. Meet Nick Vujicic who was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 without legs and arms. The family of Nick Vujicic was determined to learn to cope with the blessing and the challenge of raising a child who refused to allow his condition to put limits on his lifestyle. The first years were very difficult for Nick. He not only had hard time handling the normal challenges of going to school and adolescence, but struggled with loneliness and depression. According to Nick, his victory over the struggles, and his passion and strength for life can be credited to his faith in God.


Since his first public speaking at age 19, he has traveled across the globe, sharing his story with millions of other people, speaking to a wide range of groups like teachers, students, business professionals, young people and church congregations. Today, Nick Vujicic is an actor, musician, author and his hobbies include swimming, fishing and painting.

As an author he has wrote few books. Life Without Limits book is the first Nick’s book published in 2010. It is an inspiring book and the basic message of the Life Without Limits book is that the most essential thing for any person is to find their purpose in life despite difficulties. In this book, Nick talks about his emotional battle and physical disabilities through his life. He shares that the faith in God has helped him win the battle and to find his purpose in life. Life Without Limits book offers advice on how to achieve a happy life by creating strong trusting relationships with other people. He encourages his readers by showing how he learned to accept what he could not control and focus on the things he could. He believes that his life and lives of others have no limits.

Other known Nick’s book is Limitless. Limitless book talks about how there isn’t greater hope than believing in God and what he has planned for each of us. In Limitless book, Nick shares his most hard earned and compelling wisdom to help people face barriers with courage and confidence and steer them towards God. Whether you have struggled with career, faith, relationships, anger, challenges, self esteem, health concerns, doubt in your dreams or finding balance, positive attitude and biblical encouragement of Nick will change your life and show you that every person can be limitless because God is Limitless.

Aside from Life Without Limits and Limitless book, Nick Vujicic is an author of two more books: Unstoppable (published in October 2010) and Stand Strong (published in 2014).