A Retreat Dream Come True: The Popular Bits and Pieces that Make a She Shed

As women, we’re used to be the caregivers, the heads of the household, and all the chores (lucky are those of us who have partners to share the responsibility); add to that being overwhelmed by technology, constantly being bombarded with all sorts of news, and information and you have women in desperate need of some escape, peace, quiet, rest, and relaxation.

This is where the she shed comes into light – move over man cave! As opposed to a man cave, the she sheds are detached from the hustle and bustle of houses, and on top of that, they can be constructed in a size that’s the perfect fit for the yard, without even the need for a permit.

It’s simply said the place reserved solely for the woman of the house, and her pampering. So, what are some of the popular pieces that can be found in the she cave? Not unlike the man cave, there’s also room for some drinks, and of course ice tea, so a mini fridge is usually one of the necessities. Having in mind it’s supposed to be a sanctuary, away from noise, Schmick bar fridges make a good option because of their different cooling technology, that makes a low noise, and super chilling capacity.

Schmick fridge

Along with a Shmick bar bridge, it’s important to note since it’s the area made for all-things-woman, you can expect to find plenty of things that have to do with the hobbies and favourite objects. For some women it’s the place where they can read books in peace, or have secret book club meetings, for others it’s the place to watch all the rom-coms, and period dramas they wouldn’t watch with the rest of the family in fear of tearing up.

Depending on this, the focus can be on the creation of a comfortable reading nook by piling up on armchairs, sofas, and cushions, or acquiring a TV screen large enough to make a she shed theatre. Then again, this is the place that allows for women to stay on track with their interests, in the likes of using the shed for painting or creating crafts. For some of us, it’s the area where we can use many skin care products, and make-up so a vanity table is more than welcome.

Sure, some more girly things here and there, such as candles, and essential oils scents, also help turn the space into more calm and inviting. As a final touch, the selection of colours is usually narrowed to the pastels, because of the serenity they bring about. Now, are you inspired for getting a sanctuary of your own? Once you get it, don’t be surprised if your family wants to join up too; it’s that relaxing!