The Most Popular Beth Moore Books

Beth Moore is one of the most popular and respected American writers. Beth Moore booksSo Long Insecurity”, ”Breaking Free”, and “Esther: It’s Tough Being A Woman” are just few of her best-selling books that stayed on the top for quite some time. Because her focus is on teaching women how to love and live by God’s word, women of all ages and races read the Beth Moore books.

beth moore

What makes Beth Moore books so popular is the way she spices up her stories with positive energy, passion, humor and grace. Her books motivate and inspire women from all around the world to overcome tough periods and to believe in God. Beside being an amazing book writer, Beth Moore is a founder of Living Proof Ministries, a Bible-based organization established in 1994. Her love for writing and telling stories started in the movie theater her dad owned. But the stories that actually captured her heart were actually the ones the Bible tells.

Breaking Free” – The list of popular Beth Moore books starts with “Breaking Free”. This is one of Beth’s best-selling books. In this book, Beth uses selected passages from the book of Isaiah in order to make comparison between the Christianity today and the captive Israelites from the Old Testament. Beth’s “Breaking Free” teaches readers how to overcome the obstacles that stand in their relation with God, and how to find greater freedom in Jesus Christ. The only truth that will set us free, according to Beth Moore books, is the truth of God’s Word.

Esther: It’s Tough Being A Woman” – Are you thinking that you are not getting enough respect? Feel threatened and pushed aside simple because you are a woman? Then definitely this is one of Beth Moore books you must read. Through the character of Esther, Beth deliver her message that only God’s Word can help us overcome the turbulent period and learn how to behave in tough situations.

So Long, Insecurity” – Today, Beth Moore is the most respected and trusted Christian writer whose books are more than just words on a paper. Beth Moore books inspire thousands of women all around the world regardless of their age and marital status. “So Long, Insecurity” is a book that helps women to overcome their fears and to discover how to become a better person on a emotional and spiritual level.