Popular Bedding Fabric: Sweet Dreams are Made of Cotton


Looking back at the times when I was a teenager, and I could sleep for more than eight hours without having to worry about work, obligations and such, it makes me want to kick myself in the head about how careless I was with my time. At the same time, I’m kinda envious at my younger self for the long night’s sleep I was able to get without worrying about what’s waiting for me in the morning.

However, a long night’s sleep doesn’t always mean a good night’s sleep. As an adult, I’ve realized that I should do everything that’s in my power to secure myself a quality night’s sleep so that I could be productive the following day. After all, we do spend almost one third of our lives in bed, so we might as well make the most out of that time.

Besides having the obvious necessity for a quality sleep – a mattress and a pillow, there are a few other things that people often overlook but which deserve our full attention – bedding sets. The bedding sets you use for your bedroom should be like the jackets you wear when you’re going out in the cold. They should keep you warm and cozy, while being comfortable and providing insulation at the same time. And while there are many bedding sets to choose from, I highly recommend you pick a cotton one.

Wondering why?

For starters, it’s a breathable fabric which channels moisture away from the skin. Just like wearing cotton clothes prevents moisture building up between your clothing and skin, it’s the same when it comes to sheets and pillowcases.


Furthermore, cotton is soft to the touch and has hypoallergenic features. If you are prone to allergies and your skin is sensitive, then not only are cotton sheets recommended, they are strongly advised. Moreover, cotton weaves have stronger durability than most other types of materials. This means you can buy pure cotton sheets and use them for many years to come, resting assured they will last for many years to come.

And last but not least, cotton can easily be stretched, which increases comfort when you wrap yourself inside your sheets, keeping you cool in summertime and warm in cold winter days.

There are many types of cotton to choose from, Egyptian being one of the most popular choices. Egyptian cotton is very durable and uses threads that are one and a half inches long to produce soft fabric. Usually the higher the threadcount – the lighter and more durable the sheets will be, so that’s a feature to be on the look out for.