The Most Popular Back Hoe Attachments

As you may know, a back hoe is a piece of heavy machinery which is used for digging and moving different materials. What you may not know is that a back hoe is a highly flexible and versatile machine that can be easily turned into another heavy-duty machine for completing different applications. Wondering how? The answer is simple- by using different back hoe attachments. With wide range of back hoe attachments available on the market, the back hoe is capable to deliver powerful performance and to increase the productivity of any business.

The back hoe attachments can bring you more benefits because you can use a single machine for different purposes. Furthermore, the back hoe attachments are more economical solution for you and your business since you will not have to buy or hire a specific type of machine to perform a specific job. There are many back hoe attachments on the market, designed and produced by well-known manufacturers. The most popular and top-selling back hoe attachments are the following ones:


General Purpose Bucket: This is definitely one of the most popular and the most common back hoe attachments. The general purpose bucket is generally used for standard digging projects at new construction sites and for picking up loose materials and aggregates.

Frost Bucket: A bucket designed with two sharp sides, ideal for digging flat trenches on frozen grounds. This attachment is highly efficient in colder areas where the ground is likely to freeze during the winter.

Pavement Bucket: Designed exclusively for digging into pavements, concrete and asphalt. Like all other back hoe attachments, the pavement bucket is made from highly resistant steel for performing heavy tasks.

Rock Bucket: This back hoe attachment is ideal for digging in rocky soils, and for removing large rocks from the digging sites. It comes in various sizes to accommodate different rock types.

Sand Bucket: A large bucket used exclusively for digging into light soils, such as loam and sand. It has the ability to work faster than any other attachment. The sand bucket can increase the job site productivity and also reduce the energy costs.

Leveling Bucket: The leveling bucket is used to level out large job sites after major digging. It can also be applied for sloped areas.

Cribbing Bucket: The narrowest of all back hoe attachments. This bucket is designed for tight jobs where a standard bucket cannot be used to perform the job. In addition, it can be used as primary tool for digging long, narrow ditches, for example for electrical conduit.

Regardless of their size, shape and function, the back hoe attachments can give you increased versatility, flexibility and functionality.