Popular Accessories that will Add Form and Function to Your Boat

According to recent findings, almost one in ten, or roughly 2.5 million Australians, own some kind of boat. The majority are smaller watercraft inducing dinghies, canoes, kayaks, and rowboats, while a significantly smaller portion is made up of powerboats and yachts. States with the longest coastlines are where most are located., meaning WA and QLD. A large number of boats is also owned by Tasmanians, even though they’re the smallest state population.

For a land girt by sea, recreational watercraft allow Aussies a range of water actives, from swimming to sunbathing and relaxing, cruising, fishing, sailing or just exploring the coastline. Smaller boats are sold through chain stores across the country, while powerboats and yachts are sold direct from manufacturers or importers. There’s a wide variety on sale to suit every budget. Also, there are countless stores that sell boats parts accessories if you have any mechanical or electrical issues or want to upgrade older parts.

Type of Boat Accessories

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You can upgrade almost any part of your boat. Older craft that have seen regular use will at some point need replacement of damaged or faulty parts. This includes any damage incurred over time to the bow or stern, interior cabin or deck damage, mechanical or engine faults, issues with wiring and electrical components, etc. You can also choose to upgrade outdated steering systems, change to newer onboard engines or even install a decked out onboard stereo for the best sound when at sea.

Because the list is so vast and encompassing, I’ll arrange boats parts accessories as external or internal. Any accessories added to the exterior will feature in the former group.

External Accessories

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Let’s start from the outside. External accessories and those attached to the boat serve the purpose of protecting the craft when moored and anchoring. Anchors are sold in different configurations and are suitable for different sea surfaces. Heavy-duty, reef and sand anchors are attached by chain or winches, while smaller boats may use ropes. Boat hooks are used for safe docking and undocking, while having fenders for the same purpose will protect the boat from sudden impacts. This is generally for powerboats, though sailing boats will also have all sorts of ropes, pulleys, blocks and other hardware for attaching sails, masts, and rudders. Safety items like life jackets and fire extinguishers should also be considered. For protection when your boat is not in use there are different types of covers that cover and extend the whole length of the boat or are designed for individual parts, like outboard motors.

Internal Accessories

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This is where the bulk of things are located and break down. I’ll include onboard engines and engine parts here, but also things like boat tables and chairs, electrical and navigation equipment, deck parts and other items.

Powerboats feature two basic motor types – outboard motors and internal engines. Outboard motors feature in smaller boats and are attached to the bow by way of brackets. Common problems include clogged fuel lines and rudder cables. With more complex onboard engines, the chances of something being at fault is greater and more expensive to repair. Fuel pumps, and fuel and oil filters, all need regular maintenance. Steering and throttle components can become jammed or move too freely, meaning they’re in need of repair or replacement. Older boats with mechanical steering can be upgraded to hydraulic steering systems, which will make manoeuvring and taking sharper turns so much easier.

In the cabin, you can arrange and organise the available space much like in a car. For smaller boats, look for storage solutions like gloves boxes, netting, and holders for necessities like onboard radios and fire extinguishers that fit in recessed areas. Larger boats will have more space for all types of furniture and luxuries, so there’s no limit to what you can option here for, provided you have the space and cash. Basic foldable chairs and tables or leather-clad full lounges are on offer. All furniture is sold with installation brackets. Plumbing is found in larger boats, which feature basic toilets and waste disposal systems, or full bathrooms with hot-water showers. Water is accessed by onboard water tanks that vary in size. To remove larger quantities of seawater from the vessel, use an appropriate water pump.

For added luxury and fun when you tire of fishing, swimming or just laying back, there are stereo systems that you can buy, with components fitting into the dash panel. Most are equipped with Bluetooth and streaming apps, USB inputs for powering mobile devices and provide decent sound. Some also have separate amps to power more speakers, though they’ll cost you. Stereos can be used in combination with digital navigation units.

Buying Boat Accessories

Boat parts accessories are sold through boat specialists across Australia. Most have online stores with same-day shipping. Depending on the part or accessory you are after, and the type of boat, regardless of size, well-stocked stores will have it all. Anything not in stock can be ordered.