Planning Your Summer Vacation? These Are The World’s Most Dazzling Beaches

There’s nothing better than summer; sun is shining, people are happy and beautiful, hair is all natural, music sounds better, parties are hotter and positive energy burst happens on every corner. Summer really is magical, and what contributes most to that fairy tale is the beach. Nature really is miraculous, and some of the world’s most stunning beaches prove that. If you still haven’t decided where to get your dose of sun and happiness, read this article on the most breathtaking beaches in the world. You just might see yourself in one of them with a cocktail in one hand and a sunscreen in the other.

1. Anse Lazio, Praslin – Seychelles


Imagine white, powder-fine and silky sand surrounded with turquoise water and two large mountain peaks on each side. Now imagine yourself lying in that sand with your legs and arms widely spread. You want to go there, don’t you? Well, you can. This heaven is called the Anse Lazio, half-kilometer long beach on the island of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. It’s rated as No.6 on the list of world’s best beaches and a must-visit destination. This place is perfect for romance, and great for adventurers who enjoy stories like treasure-hunts and pirates, which according to locals, happen often here.

2. Matira Beach – Bora Bora – French Polynesia

I think Bora Bora is on everyone’s list of ‘to visit’ destinations. And no wonder why. 30 kilometers long beach on a slippery land protected by a freakishly blue lagoon surrounded with shores of pearly white sand. Nicknamed the Romantic Island, Bora Bora is perfect for romantic souls and couples that want to enjoy serenity and peace in heavenly surrounding. This Tahiti beach is amazing, and is one of the rare beaches here that are public, which means you don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy a day in this paradise.

3. El Castillo, Tulum, Riviera Maya – Mexico


This beach is heavenly and mystical at the same time. The incredibly blue water and pale, silvery sand create the ultimately inviting environment to the Caribbean Sea. The beach is surrounded by tall, 40-foot limestone cliffs and it’s right beneath the famous El Castillo ruins, which admired from far is a view worth the time and money.

4. Fraser Island, Queensland – Australia

Ok, Australia is known for its beaches, but this one is one-of-a kind. It’s coloured! As much as we enjoy silvery white sand beaches, this one is a must-see beach. First of all, it’s situated on an island that’s completely made of sand and listed as World Heritage. Second, the fiery bronze cliffs that surround the golden sand give it the reddish colour. Moreover, the beach is surrounded by rain forest rich in native wildlife. Great for adventurists in soul.

5. Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island – Australia

It’s common knowledge in Australia that the best beaches can be found in Queensland. But, no claim is absolute, neither is this. New South Wales also has some great examples to wave around. Blinky Beach is the place you should go to if you’re a water sport enthusiast; you’ll experience great surfing here! Plus, the beach is astonishing; powdery white sand and azure waters. You won’t want to leave this one!

6. El Nido, Palawan – Philippines


El Nido is home to about 50 sand beaches, so it’s no surprise that is on this list. Each and every one of them has the whitest sand beaches you’ll ever see in the world and is surrounded by dramatic limestone formations. The water has a rare shade of blue that makes the Caribbean Sea look murky.

7. Honokalani Beach, Waianapanapa State Park – Maui, HI

This is where all photographers come to make their masterpiece photo. Unlike other beaches, Honokalani Beach has jet-black shore, unusually blue water and a jungle foliage surrounding the sandy beach. Actually, the beach is not made of typical sand, but of small smooth lava pebbles, and there are a lot of seaside lava canals and tubes you can explore. All in all the view and entire environment is breathtaking.

Are you making plans already? Pack your bags and fill-in your pocket; the world is full of amazing places that nature has created in its finest and are waiting to be seen and experienced. Just know what you enjoy, what brings you happiness and excitement, book a plane ticket and enjoy the ride.