Opening Up a Café: The Popular Ways to Take Care of the Interior Décor

Once you decide to join the business sphere and open your own café, you’ll be faced with a great deal of responsibilities as to make your story one of success. Apart from a solid business plan, followed by the necessity of finding a suitable location, creating your own menu and investing in all the necessary equipment, you’ll also need to take care of the interior.

This last aspect is sometimes overlooked, however, this is a huge no-no for this type of business. Given the fact that people don’t just go out to have a bite and a cup of coffee anymore – they are hunting for a complete experience, neglecting this piece of the puzzle may amount to making your cafe go unnoticed.

Make it Lively

Any space can become more vibrant by adding a splash of greenery to it in the form of plants. However, in order to stand out both when it comes to efficiency and appeal, it is best to go with the self-watering commercial planter design.

What makes these planters revolutionary is that they have a water reservoir that allows the plants to take exactly the amount of water they need when they need it through natural capillary wicking action – all you have to do is fill up the reservoir and your chores are done. This amounts to healthier plants and less hustle for you and your employees since you’ll only have to fill up the tank once in 7-10 days.

What’s more, these planters feature wheels which makes them quite convenient for relocating and they can double as space dividers for open floor plan areas, providing a little privacy for your customers without actually blocking the view. Furthermore, the chic and sturdy HDPE construction makes them ideal both for indoor and outdoor use. Their sleek design and white colour makes them easy to blend with any existing surroundings.

Make it Bright

Light plays a huge role in how inviting a place feels. In order to make the most of its magic, make sure you include ambient, task and accent lighting. This way, you’ll be able to make different combos as to suit different needs (time of day, special events, change of seasons and décor).

Ambient lighting is the base upon which you build the other elements. Depending on the style of the cafe, ambient lighting can mean a few sleek ceiling mounted fixtures or a vintage chandelier, for instance. Then, you can rely on task lighting for the area where your staff prepare the beverages and snacks and on accent lighting as to give emphasis to artworks, plants or other interesting features.

And don’t forget the power of natural light! If you don’t have the option if large windows or a glass ceiling, then get some chic mirrors which will visually enlarge the space and make it appear more airy by reflecting light.

Make it Instagrammable

In this day and age when hospitality and culture go hand in hand thanks to the influence of technology, it’s more than important to ensure your café is instagrammable as many other cafés around the world.

Since people are attracted to all-things beautiful and love sharing photos of them, anything can serve as your café’s main attraction. You can incorporate as many things as you wish as you never know what it is that will start getting people’s attention and make them want to share and come back. It could be a striking statue or a lovely pond just outside your entrance, the eye-catching flowers in your commercial planter, the accent walls and colourful ceiling, the way you serve your coffee and food, the utensils you use or your furniture.