Newfangled Furniture Trends: Functionality and Style Blend

Furniture trends

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the trends and takes pride in their home, then you are probably wondering what the next trends for 2016 are. There are many trends that come and go and keeping up with them will really make your home stand out and look modern all the time. Below we will be covering the biggest furniture and interior design trends set for 2016. The great thing about these trends is that you can easily find every piece of furniture online shopping, not to mention that it all gets delivered straight to your door for convenience.

Ergonomic Furniture

Over the last year this trend hasn’t only been used in home offices, but also in office buildings. So many people have started working longer hours, especially at computer desks so it is important to have furniture that makes it the most comfortable doing so. Sitting at computers for long periods of time can have bad effects on your health, so investing in ergonomic furniture really does you good in the long run.

70’s Furniture & Decor

Nearly every decade comes back around and this year it is the 70’s turn to make a statement. So many manufacturers have started producing 70’s style furniture but with a modern edge. You can see these pieces all throughout the latest home décor and furniture magazines so it’s no surprise that you will soon see this trend throughout homes.

Dual Functions

Real estate prices seem to be on the rise so bigger families seem to be living in smaller spaces. Furniture designers really saw this need and problem so they came up with a solution. More people are looking for pieces that can double as two items in one. Most beds these days come with extra storage built in so you don’t need to clutter your space with furniture you don’t need. So many pieces of furniture are made with dual purposes, if you are not sure what they are then you can easily browse when furniture online shopping.

Crisp Clean Lines

Modern, clean, crisp – these three words have been everywhere in furniture and design. Both modern and classic designs are associated with these words. Some materials that you might associate with these words could include wood, leather, metal, glass. Avoid plastic or cheap looking materials that are not necessarily classic shapes.

Rough Furniture

Rough and antique furniture seem to be coming back in style as well. Nothing too fancy or outdated, but rough finishes like varnished wood especially that has been hand crafted and quality made. These pieces might be a little pricey but because of their make, they are sure to last you a long, long time.

Metal Finishes

Metal finishing touches like mirrors or décor that looks like titanium is a trend that has been strong in 2015 that will no doubt carry all the way through 2016. It can really bring different textures to a space that can catch the eye and bring everything from bland and boring to the next level. It is a great finishing touch to any room in your home.