Most Popular Womens Lingerie

“Women are making a mistake in neglecting this potential added attraction to their charms. In short: when you dress, think always that later on you will be undressing and in front of whom. After all, nothing betrays a woman more than her lingerie; it is infinitely more revealing than a thousand hours spent on a psychiatrist’s couch”.

When Kathleen Tesaro ‘s heroine of her eternal book “Elegance” got a lecture on lingerie from her apparently well-familiarized roommate, it was a perfectly told story for all women around the world: lingerie matters. Just look at Victoria’s Secret company; it has just one show annually for which a team of hundreds prepares the designs, the models and the whole show during the entire year. And this is a multi-billion dollar company, which only suggests that lingerie does not consist of just the panties and the bras we wear underneath our clothes; It is so much more than that: an attitude, style, a status symbol. So ladies, lets explore the brands that celebrate femininity in the form of the perfect womens lingerie:


  • Victoria’s Secret

Nothing says “SEXY” as a Victoria’s Secret womens lingerie. The brand has a long tradition in designing lingerie sets for different female personalities, which they perfectly portray in their annual shows. So, every year you can enjoy the rich collections designed for everyday sexiness, for working women, for women with a wild, rebellious niche in their personality, and pretty much something for anyone. The keyword here – lace. Lots and lots of lace. Hmm…I wonder what men have to say about the Victoria’s Secret lingerie; if they have anything to say at all, with all the Angels flying in front their eyes and imagination gone wild.

  • Rosie for Autograph

Still in the Angel zone! Autograph Lingerie has a successful collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, another VS model. This lingerie is perfect for two types of women: elegant, classy ladies who hold tightly to black, white, beige colours, silk and discrete lace. The other type are women who love sporty elegance. Think pajama sets made of materials like elastine, viscose and cotton. Their neutral colours with floral designs and completely monocoloured pieces will definitely make you want to wear them outside the house.

  • L’Agent

Sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz know how provocative women should present themselves: kinky, sassy and stylish underneath those jeans! L’Agent lingerie is all about that and much more: their goal is to provide shape and add support. The materials used include satin, lace and cotton, and they come in various colours – from kinky to classy.

  • Calvin Klein

CK has been present on the fashion scene since 1968. He made a breakthrough with his iconic male underwear collections, which are still popular today. Since then, he added a female lingerie line which has been a huge success. I personally love the Calvin Klein lingerie sets – panties that perfectly fit the figure, suitable for both everyday sexiness and some more special occasions. Satin and lace do it boldly and do not be afraid to go all Calvin Klein style.

  • Stella McCartney

Designed by a woman for a woman. Stella McCartney’s lingerie is different; she presents a knitted version of your most preferred bras and panties. A dose of luxury and comfort; the perfect combination for women running around town, or planning a nice dinner with their loved ones. Sexappeal granted.

So ladies, dare to feel confident, sexy and attractive at all times! Remember, once you put them on, it would be a waste of beauty not to show them to your special one. Be bold enough and make sure you leave the right impression.