The Most Popular Types of Lingerie for the Ultimate Self-Indulgence

Although it is not something that everyone can see, your underwear is one of the most important pieces of clothing you have on you as it can easily put you in a better mood and make you feel much more confident. And depending on the occasion and the wardrobe that you want to wear on top of it, there is a huge range of varieties you can choose from. We all know there’s nothing better than feeling sexy, seductive and all-mighty like you can take on the world, and to be honest… lingerie can pretty much help you in all that.

Women buy and wear sexy underwear most of the time and a great part of the time they don’t do that just for their partners, but for themselves. Luxurious silk, lace, chiffon, and lycra are just some of the materials you can find these pieces of art made from. Most of their flawless designs are worth every dollar you spend, so if you are just about to buy a new underwear sexy piece to upgrade your lingerie, take a look at some of the most popular pieces to get the seductive juices flowing.

Garter belt

I’m sure you’ve seen these pieces in almost every lingerie shop and you were amazed by the complexity of their design and how sexy and seductive they look like. You might think garter belts are complicated, however, they’re pretty straightforward once you put them on. You just need to wrap the garter belt around your waist and link the four straps to the upper end of your stockings so they stay in place. This piece of underwear is usually paired with a bustier set, a bodysuit or a corset. You can wear it under dresses and skirts for the ultimate sexy feel and even sexier look when you get undressed.


What makes corsets THE ultimate underwear sexy piece to own is that they enhance your hourglass figure and emphasize your curves. And honestly, who doesn’t want that? An enviously good-looking bustline and a thin waist. Some women wear corsets like regular tops and combine them with pants or skirts. However, if you wear them this way, make sure to cover yourself up a bit with a sheer cardigan for a more sensual look.


This is more of a practical type of underwear than a sexy piece, however, it looks so much hotter when worn on top of a loose lace bra and lace panties. Combine this with a pair of nice jeans and you’ve created one both cozy and extremely seductive outfit for a cocktail night out. And of course, wear your favorite high heels and put your hair down.