Military Essentials: Popular Buys for Veterans and Active Soldiers

Not many things can outlast military-grade gear and accessories. Except, of course, the tinnitus and the urge to roll your socks. That’s why mil-spec and tactical items make such lovely ever-lasting gifts for military personnel. Although each soldier is issued the essential military, tactical and survival gear, there are certain gadgets you can buy yourself to make time on the field more bearable and everyday off-duty routines efficient and convenient.

With the holiday season already upon us, you may be wondering how to pick the perfect gift to express your love, respect and gratitude for the military member in your life. Whether you’re shopping for an active service member, a veteran, or getting kitted out yourself, these next few items will help you make a fail-proof decision. From the functional to the fun, this list covers all the bases with popular buys that continue their service well beyond the field.

Those Who Don’t Wear a Watch Have Nowhere to Be

military watch


And in the case of military personnel, not only do they always need to be somewhere, but they also need to be on time. An active duty member or veteran, every military person will appreciate a quality timepiece. When shopping for a military watch, you’ll come across a plentiful array of options. From tough, tactical pieces built to withstand the rigours of the battlefield, to elegant limited edition gems that honour their service.

If you want to ensure they’ll wear their watch at all times, you should focus on several key points i.e durability, purpose and functionality.

The first one is quite obvious—watches get beaten up quickly on the field, so they’ll need a robust timepiece that’s built to last. For a sure-fire choice, you can take your pick from the extensive range of G-Shock Military Standard watches available in speciality tactical and military shops online and in-store. Dubbed the most rugged in the industry, G-Shock models are trusted by military personnel around the world.

In terms of the purpose and features, you need to choose a model that’ll serve them well in their specific field. What good is a smart, GPS-enabled watch to a soldier with MOS serving in a classified location? If you aren’t sure whether their occupational speciality allows them to wear a GPS watch, there’s no harm in asking.

Regarding functionality, a good army watch should be easy to use and read, adding all the convenience and none of the fuss to their EDC arsenal. Moreover, it shouldn’t clash with their gear or uniform in any way that can affect their performance or dexterity on the field.

A military watch won’t be a complete package if you don’t consider the style and comfort. Colour-wise, it’s best to stick to classics and neutrals that’ll pair well with their on-duty and off-duty ensemble. As for ensuring maximum wearer comfort, look for lightweight pieces with soft and breathable straps that won’t pull, pinch or retain moisture.

When exploring army watches for sale, you may also want to take a look at the Sands of Gallipoli series by Bausele. Carefully crafted to commemorate their service, these watches are made to last, showcasing timeless elegance through the prism of functionality.

Tactical Flashlight: Better to Light a Candle Than Curse the Darkness

tactical flashlight


A Chinese proverb implies that it’s better to do something about a problem instead of complaining about it. In the literal sense, the dark itself can be a problem—not just on the field, but also on the streets, campsite, and even in the living room. That’s why a versatile tactical flashlight makes a great EDC item to own. Do you know that a tactical torch can save lives?

Originally designed for military and law-enforcement use in conjunction with weapons for shooting and identifying targets in low-light conditions, these flashlights can also serve as reliable self-defence tools. Thanks to its rugged and durable construction, the tactical torch can be used as a cold weapon to strike an opponent. Moreover, you can also use the high light output to your advantage to temporarily blind the enemy and buy yourself some time when seconds matter.

In everyday, off-duty and civilian lives, military flashlights come in handy in various situations requiring a reliable backup illumination source. Whether exploring the outdoors past sunset, dealing with an unexpected power surge at home, or looking for your keys in the back of the seat, having a high-quality mil-spec torch within arm’s reach is always a good idea.

When looking for military torches for sale, opt for lightweight and compact designs that can easily fit into a daypack or pocket. You should also choose a torch that’s easy and intuitive to use even in pitch-black conditions. The light output, durability and efficiency should also be on top of your list of priorities.

The Best Investment Is in the Tools of One’s Own Trade

military gear and tools


Maybe the answer to finding the perfect military gift lies in the wise words of Benjamin Franklin. It’s almost certain that they’ll find value in military gear and accessories that make their job and life easier. But can a civilian buy military gear? Firearms aside, there’s a long list of army accessories you can get your hands on in military specialists and army surplus stores. From tactical knives and multi-tools to MOLLE equipment and beyond— your options are virtually endless. Some of the other popular items worthy of an honourable mention are:

  • Sunglasses – for weather protection and crisp vision in all conditions
  • Reusable bottle – for keeping hydrated on the move
  • Survival blanket – for making it through the night in extreme conditions
  • Portable charger – to stay powered up on long days on the range
  • Stationery – to stay ready to copy or plan
  • Socks – because a soldier can’t have too many pairs

It goes without saying that the list doesn’t stop here, especially if you’re looking for creative military gifts to mark special occasions. However, this carefully selected bunch above is weighted in favour of practicality and function—guaranteed to find and hold a place in their everyday carry both on and off-duty.