Melbourne’s Most Popular Facials for Radiant Skin

Let’s face it, commercial skincare products won’t help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. Yes, they might give some mild results, but that’s it. If you want to enjoy a smooth and bright skin, then you definitely need to let a pro deal with your skin. Beauty technicians will get to the core of your skin problem. Not all women are blessed with smooth and luminous skin. Some have to use a combination of various facial treatments and homecare products to enjoy a flawless skin. Take a look at some of the most popular facial treatments in Melbourne that will wipe off 10 years of your face.

Blueberry Smooth Peel – Get rid of your skin flaws once and for all. Opt for this refreshing blemish treatment that exfoliates skin so gently that you won’t experience any skin irritation. As the name suggests, this peel contains active blueberry extracts and lactic acids that deeply cleanse your skin. You can try this blueberry smoothie peel treatment at Claire Francoise, a popular beauty salon in Melbourne for only $89.


Pure Radiance Facial – One of the most common excuses women use for not taking proper care of their skin, is the lack of time. If that’s the case with you too, then opt for the popular pure radiance facial treatment. You will find this unique treatment at Take Off Skin & Body salon, one of the most popular beauty salons in Melbourne. The whole treatment lasts about 60 minutes and will only cost you $99. Once you are done with the treatment, your skin will be hydrated and radiant.

Rationale Epinova Photosonic Facial – If you deal with dry and dull skin, then it won’t cost you much to try the rationale epinova photosonic facial. This treatment lasts 90 minutes and for $250 you will be able to kiss your dead, dry skin goodbye and welcome a smoother, brighter and hydrated skin. You can try this treatment at Skin Wellness salon in Canterbury.

Microdermabrasion – Women have gone crazy for microdermabrasion. And with a reason. This treatment is said to work like a magic wand. The microdermabrasion facial treatment successfully deals with various skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores or uneven skin texture. The crystals that beauty technicians spray on the outer skin layer, will stimulate collagen production and remove dead skin cells. After only few treatments your skin will be smooth and glowing. For a younger, healthier-looking skin visit Claire Francoise, Melbourne’s most popular skin & beauty clinic. Microdermabrasion facial treatment price range from $80 – $200, depending on the area being treated. Microdermabrasion on face costs $135, whereas for face and decolletage it will cost you $175. For more information visit Claire Francoise.