Mature Fashion: The Most Popular Wardrobe Items for Middle-Aged Women

Whether they’re 22 or 62, most women like to look stylish. However, when you’re over a certain age, certain clothing items simply don’t look as good on you as they used to in the past. Just like your lifestyle and taste has evolved over the years, the same should go for your wardrobe as well. Unfortunately, many of us can become stuck when it comes to moving on to graceful and elegant fashion that flatters middle-aged bodies. So, in order to help you present yourself in the best light possible, here are some clothing items which are especially popular with stylish, well-dressed middle-aged women.

clothing stores for middle aged woman

Dark, Straight-Leg Jeans

Some women think that jeans are unacceptable past a certain age. While that may be true for some designs such as ripped and acid washed jeans, it’s not the case with all jeans. In fact, middle-aged women can look amazing and more youthful in jeans that are in a dark colour and have a straight-leg shape. Besides being slimming and more tasteful, these designs can also be paired with a greater variety of tops, which makes it easier to match your clothes and create a balanced look. Additionally, try to look for high-rise or mid-rise jeans as they can be more elongating than low rise. However, considering the current trends, it can be difficult to find such designs. For that reason, try checking out specialized clothing stores for middle aged woman.

A Black Pencil Skirt

Of course, you can’t spend your days in jeans. Sometimes, you’ll want to dress up, and that’s when a black pencil skirt can be just the item you need. This clothing piece can look amazingly elegant and can flatter all body shapes. Make sure to pick a skirt that falls below the knees and has a little stretch for comfort. You can pair it with tops such as button-up shirts or cardigans in all the colours that you love wearing.

clothing stores for middle aged woman


When you want to wear tops that are a bit revealing but are feeling self-conscious about your arms, a cardigan can come in and save the day. Cardigans that end at or just above your hip look great with skirts and dresses. On the other hand, longer cardigans should be worn with straight-legged jeans or pants. Additionally, look for a snug fit and never wear it buttoned up. The point of a cardigan is to cover up your arms and add some variety and colour to your outfit.

A-line Dresses

A-line dresses are perfect for making you look and feel feminine and sexy, as they are designed to accentuate the womanly silhouette. When it comes to choosing an A-line dress, look for something that falls below the knees, or something shorter if you plan to wear it with black tights. As for the sleeves, opt for full-length or 3/4-length if you want to cover up your arms. Sleeveless dresses can be worn in combination with form-fitting cardigans or jacket. If you have trouble finding a design that suits you perfectly, you can always try shopping at clothing stores for middle aged woman which carry a variety of stylish designs.