Martial Arts: What Makes Escrima Popular?

Martial arts have always been popular, no matter the culture or century, because at the very core they are about knowing how to defend yourself, along with serving for maintaining fitness and health.

When it comes to singling out those most practiced around the world, karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, aikido, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and krav maga are among the most popular, however as of late Filipino martial arts have been getting more and more attention and all you need is to buy escrima sticks to start with the training, no uniform required.

What makes it stand out from other martial arts, such as those I already mentioned, is it’s the perfect balance between self-defence technique and weaponry, not solely on one or the other, and incorporates various strikes and techniques in various ranges, both close and long.Escrima Sticks

Since it’s ideal both for indoor and outdoor practice, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for the park or the gym, they’re equally great for this martial art. Thanks to the fact you don’t require strength for it, people of any age can practice it, young and old alike.

When it comes to choosing from the variety, buy escrima sticks that are of quality, guaranteeing lightweight and sturdy properties, such as those made of natural rattan, perfect for training and sparring. The reason you need the sticks to begin with this martial art comes from the fact first there are weaponry lessons, and then the empty-hand techniques.

Because it’s a martial art that combines kicks and weapons, self-defence and hand-based moves, it’s the only one that easily complements any other martial art you wish to enrich it with, so whether you want to focus only on learning it or combine it with other martial arts, you can be sure the outcome would be a great one.

When you learn the basics, the concept of the art, focusing on the attack rather than the kind of move you have to fight back with, you’d be able to defend yourself in any situation with any kind of weapon, not just the sticks. For instance, even a cellphone can be your ideal weapon as long as you rely on the escrima techniques for self-defence.

If you need more reasons as to why you should give this martial art a try think of how much you’d be able to increase your overall fitness, exercising the upper body as much as the legs.