Make a Room Feel Interesting and Decorated with Popular Wooden Venetian Blinds

Whether is it to refresh the look of your home, or just to add a certain design charm and direction, choosing wooden venetians instead of curtains is always a good decision. Long gone are the times when curtains were in the focus of all interior design schemes, and today, venetian blinds are taking their place. Easy to maintain because you can simply wipe them with a wet towel or collect the dust with dust-cleaning tools, this wooden venetian type also saves space as they’re positioned close to the window and look like they’re part of it. And that’s just the beginning; you can incorporate them in almost all interior design schemes and contribute to the overall charm and delight of the room. Take a look at the few following interesting ideas.Wooden Venetian

Vintage, yet modern

Because they’re made of wood, when you look at the brownish coloured wooden venetian, you’d instantly think of vintage style, or at least that’s how you’d expect the room to look like. However, wooden venetians don’t necessarily need to be brown. You can choose from the many nuances of white including some really interesting shades like pearly white, creamy white, powder and shell white and similar. That being said, pearl coloured wooden venetians in your bedroom can only be described as a clash of styles: vintage wood and modern colours complementing the modern bedroom furniture.

Convenience and style

Taking care of curtains every month is not an easy task: you need to take them off, wash and dry them and then attach them again. No one has that much time or nerve to do all that. On the top of it all, they don’t even look good on windows! I mean, they cover the window and make the room look smaller because they’re bulky when placed close to the wall. Venetians on the other hand are designed to fit the windows and are very slim, making the entire space look a lot bigger and wider. Plus, if we have to be honest, fabric curtains are suitable mainly for classic styles, with a very old furniture in a traditional style. Not the first choice if you’re looking for something modern.

Good for every room

It’s not just the living room and the bedroom with large windows that can support wooden venetians. There are also the small kitchen windows and the kitchen doors or the small windows in the bathroom. These would probably be those small spaces which you don’t really need to cover with blinds, but still – it’s a matter of style, not necessity. Have custom-measured and made venetians installed on those specific small windows and add a dose of charm to the otherwise, not-so-important rooms.