Limeburners Whisky: A Product of Passion and Uncompromised Craftsmanship

Did you know that whisky was first mentioned in official documents in 1494? It was written in Scottish tax records towards the end of the Middle Ages. Ever since its creation, whisky won the hearts of many. It developed and improved over the years to get the perfect flavours and scents we have today. Nowadays, we have hundreds of distilleries all over Australia that make their own unique whisky variety. But one of the oldest and most awarded ones is Limeburners Distillery.

About the Brand


This whisky is a product of the Great Southern Distilling Company. It started working in 2004 after extensive research and a lot of dedication. Over the years they’ve expanded their production and created a vast selection of award-winning Limeburners whisky. They’re focused on making the best spirits in the world and satisfying their customers’ needs.

The Great Southern region where they work has the perfect setting for world-class grain and Albany’s cool climate is perfect for aging the whisky. This distilling company uses 200l American oak casks. They improve the quality of the whisky and elevate its raw flavours. It’s the perfect combination to add richness, complexity and elegance to the drink.

They’re even lucky enough to source their peat locally, from a local farmer with a lot of land. This rarity makes the brand even better. The Limeburners single malt is fermented in a stainless fermenter between 4 and 7 days which brings out the floral flavour. They distil the wash twice. The first time they separate the water from the alcohol and the second time they get the final product.

The Great Southern Distilling Company has been learning, researching and experimenting for decades. With their 3 distilleries in 3 different locations, their mission is to stay at the top and continue to receive awards and be recognised for their hard work and exceptional products. The dedicated group of people that works within, finds ways to repurpose, use recycled materials and minimise waste. They’re also working on being carbon neutral by 2025.

Limestone Products


Limeburners Directors Cut

This single malt whisky is 61% abv. It’s a very popular product and one of the staples of the distillery. When they take it out of the barrel, they pack it as it comes. They don’t use any caramel colouring or even cold filtration to get the beautiful colour. All of the hues come from the barrels that it stays in. It’s hand-bottled and distilled in traditional small-batch copper pot stills.

This specific single malt is smoked with peat collected from the local farm. It’s matured in ex-Burbon barrels as a second fill and finished its distillation in an aged Port cask. When you drink it neat, the Director’s Cut has spicy and fruity aromas. When you add a splash of water, you get a stronger taste of malted barley and more complex smoky aromas. No matter how you drink it, you’ll always get a full-bodied taste with the smoothest finish. In other words, the Director’s Cut is a very distinct and unique drinking experience.

Limeburners Port Cask Single Malt

This is a single malt whisky that has a 43% abv. It’s something that the distillery has made ever since its beginnings. The owner’s research was extensive and within 14 years he finally gained enough knowledge and information to create something very special like the Port Cast single malt.

This Limeburners whisky is brought down from barrel strength by filtered rainwater. It’s also hand-bottled and matured in several casks giving it a unique and distinctive flavour. It’s a drink made to be savoured and enjoyed by whisky connoisseurs.

There’s a plethora of flavours and smells you can feel during consumption. Your nose will get raspberry jam and macerated strawberries. You’ll also get nice hints of vanilla ice cream, peppery spice and to balance it all out, some nutmeg, cinnamon and honey for sweetness. Your palate will enjoy red fruits, malted barley and honeycomb. The peppery spice will add a nice touch as a finish.

Limeburners Darkest Winter Single Malt

This Limeburners single malt whiskey uses hand-collected peat from the Vally of the Giants. To make it, the distillery smoked the barley for an extended period. This gives the drink a deep, heavy and more intense flavour. This is what makes it suitable for the winter periods, hence the name, Darkest Winter.

It has won several awards in 2017 and 2018 including the Best in Class, Best International Craft Whisky in the World and Best Whisky in the Southern Hemisphere. Your nose will get several different aromas including white pepper, ripe pears, peat smoke and of course, toasted malted barley. Your palate will taste apples, pears, dried apricots and earthy smoke and you’ll finish it all off with warming tropical fruit and white pepper.

Tiger Snake Whisky

This one is inspired by Tennessee whiskey and Kentucky bourbon. The Tiger Snake is the first Australian sour mash whisky. The “sour mash” refers to the type of grain mashing process that’s used to make it. Sourced from Western Australia, the classic grain bill of corn, rye and malted barley will give you a true burst of flavour in your mouth.

It has a very rich texture and the elegant spices and fruit add a smooth, creamy finish. With each sip, you’ll smell cooked hazelnut cake, vanilla buttercream and freshly ground rye. Your palate will get caramelised notes, honey and some toasted almonds. And to love it even more, you’ll get a finish featuring vanilla, cocoa and toffee sweetness. A true delight to the senses.