Kitchen Appliances: Popular Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out on

It should go without saying that it’s the kitchen appliances that give function to a kitchen. But as the world gets more modern by the day, kitchen appliances are also moving forward. That being said, let’s see what trends are cooking in the kitchen these days.

Technology is All Around

With the continuous development in technology, it was inevitable that technology would find its way into the kitchen. In this context, we can come across more and more modern Bluetooth-enabled kitchen appliances that can be connected and controlled from your smartphone. This means that you will be able to set the temperature of your fridge, the timers on your microwave, the temperature and timing of your oven and stove top – all of this makes it easy to start a meal from a distance and control the process without having to be close to the stovetop at all times.

Small Kitchen Appliances for Healthier Eating Practices

The newest kitchen trends also come with some alternatives to some traditional cooking methods which may inspire you towards a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Small kitchen appliances such as slow cookers let you enjoy healthier meals as the moisture gently cooks the food without destroying as many nutrients as it happens with other cooking approaches and without having to use a lot of oil (or at all). Other kitchen appliances like food dehydrators can dry a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers and herbs and let you enjoy your favourite healthy snacks without added preservatives or sugar. Also, blenders with motors powerful enough to blend just about anything can be the perfect addition to your modern kitchen for the purpose of making green and healthy smoothies or veggie based soups. Air fryers can also let you enjoy your favourite snacks without the extra calories as they don’t need oil to fry food but can still create crispy outer layer.

Touch and Swipe Controls

Another trend in the world of kitchen appliances is the switch from buttons and knobs to finger touch, which is becoming more and more common. Smartphone inspired touch and swipe controls are easier to clean than the buttons (there really is no room for dirt and crumbs to hide). All you need to do is drag your finger to adjust the heat for each zone on your cooktop.

Black Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been the preferred material for kitchen appliances for quite some time now. The trend certainly continues, but with a change of colour – black. This is due to the fact that black adds more sophistication while reducing the overly cold atmosphere created by steel.