Karate Staff – the Most Popular Martial Arts Weapon of Today

Using a karate staff is a simple yet effective way to strengthen your upper body. This extra “weapon” that you can use in your daily karate practice originated in feudal Japan and

it’s still used today. There are a lot of different ways for you to use it and there are also a lot of different tricks that both rookies and experienced professionals can perform with it. Generally, these techniques are simple and easy to learn no matter whether you are already training karate or not. If you are interested in practicing with a Bo staff, it’s important that you get one that will suit your needs best and today we are going to explain what you need to pay most attention to.


If you are just starting out with karate or Bo staffs, it’d be safer for you to use one that’s made from lighter materials. You should go for bamboo, graphite or lotus white wood as these materials make the Bo or karate staff, as some call it, more flexible. These materials won’t hurt you that much when the staff hits you – mistakes are bound to happen, so don’t be surprised if that happens. If you plan on practicing with a karate staff made from hardwood, it’s better to do that when your master is around so you know there’s someone watching whether you’re doing it right.

karate staffLength & Width
When it comes to the width of a Bo staff, you’ll want to have something that will allow you to get a firm grip without being too wide for your hands. This is mostly for the thickest part of the staff as everything else is going to be easier for you to get ahold of. The length of a Bo staff should be about the same as your height, but if you are going to participate in a creative competition, you’ll want to get a shorter one.

This is usually more important for people who are planning to enter in as many competitions as they can. There are some really cool Bo/ karate staff designs that can catch the attention of the audience or maybe distract your opponent. In order to retain the good looks of your Bo staff make sure you carry it in a staff case.

The best use of a heavier Bo staff is either in a traditional competition or in speed and/ or strength training. But if you are going to participate in a sports competition, you should use a lighter and shorter staff so that you’re able to do all your tricks easier. Also, if you are going to spar with someone or have combat training, you will need to use a Bo staff that is covered in foam or one that is made from white wax.