Join the Cool Interior Design Cats with LED Strip Lights

Some of the most popular LED products these days are strip lights. They are the latest advancement in lighting and are used both for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as for residential and commercial needs. Available in a variety of impressive colours, LED strip lights are lightweight, flexible and can be cut to the exact length you need.

However, what makes them so popular is that they are a stylish design feature for every home that leans towards the contemporary style. Many designers express their preference for LED strip lighting as accent light simply because they can light up a space without being too aggressive. Their soft and indirect light can add the right amount of focus, colour and texture to any room in a home.

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With the installation of LED strip lighting, your bedroom will get an entirely new vibe without spending a small fortune to redecorate it. They come in different colours as well as with the option to be remotely controlled and dimmed, which means you can easily set the mood you want. Furthermore, with the help of LED strip lighting you can add a touch of magic around the headboard of your bed and feel as if you are lying in a field surrounded by fireflies. You can even make practical use of these lights by installing them inside your wardrobe or around the mirror for better visibility when applying make up or doing your hair. An interesting idea would be to put them on the ceiling and create the illusion of a sky full of stars.


Sneaking into the kitchen for a late night snack will instantly become even more fun with LED strips lighting up the counter. Moreover, you won’t risk waking up anyone by switching on the main lights. Their thin and flexible design is what makes these strips perfect for the small space under the cabinets and kitchen counter. They will give the kitchen a classy and refreshing edge without taking too much attention away from the overall design. Actually, their discrete light is enough to accentuate what’s already there. And besides making your kitchen more attractive, LED strips can also serve as task lighting and increase the visibility when meal prepping.

Living Room

LED strips can be the perfect feature to make your living room décor look futuristic and stylish. Just imagine the new and vibrant ambiance of your dinner parties after putting some LED strips around the corners of the living room. You can even put your DIY side to good use and come up with unique LED wall silhouettes, like for instance this cool wave pattern.

But these lights should not be restricted only to the walls. Furniture can also be given a new life with the addition of some integrated LED strip lighting. It’s easy to highlight a shelf or a small console table with these strips. Just stick the strips with adhesive to the back of the furniture or under it, and voila – an instant touch of drama to your interior décor.