In the Absence of a Helping Hand, Popular Massage Tools are Your Friend

Massage tools mostly appeal to people who like to take independence up a notch when it comes to services other people usually provide for all of us. Just like some women have learned how to do a perfect hairdo on their own and play with all the shades and hues makeup kits offer (much like pros do), some of us have decided to go solo in the sore muscles department. This doesn’t mean they are not beneficial for just about anyone, just that this was the mindset that pioneered their usage.

Now, let’s see which are the most popular types of massage tools Australia stores offer and why are they rumored as being able to put massage therapists out of business (chuckles).

Massage Tools Australia 1

Massage Balls

These small bad-ass balls can help relive muscle tension from your toes up to your neck. They are especially great for working out the built up muscle tension by putting pressure with one’s own body weight on a daily basis. They are very small so you can take them anywhere with you. Talk about independent muscle relief method! And most importantly, if your job requires you to wear high heels every day, massage balls can help restore the pain-free sensation in your feet. You can also give yourself a massage by leaning back into the wall and try to focus the pressure on your shoulder blades. When lying down, it’s very important to address the Achilles tendon first and only then work your way up. Being so practical and beneficial, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these balls are the most sought after massage tools Australia sellers report.

Massage Tools Australia 2

Massage Roll

You can find these in their mini or larger version. The mini massage roller is also a tool you can carry with you anywhere, whereas the latter should be placed at home and used to warm yourself up before exercising or doing any kind of sport. Also, it’d be perfect if you can make it a habit to use a massage roll prior to and after any sport activity so that your muscles can recover in the most appropriate manner. The large version massage rolls are usually made of foam, whereas mini ones are made from water resistant material which also renders them easy to clean.

Massage Tools Australia 3

Trigger Point Self Massager

If apart from muscle tension, you also feel muscle weakness and the though of putting pressure with the aforementioned tools doesn’t sound like something you’d have the desire nor the energy to do, a trigger point self massager might do the trick for you. The design of this tools allows people with limited mobility or strength to reach their painful spots with ease.

Finally, if this post triggers you (pun intended) why not find a massage tool to your liking today and keep tension at bay?