Hypnotherapy Is A New Popular Way To Quit Smoking For Good

Did you know that around 14.900 Australians have died of smoking-related diseases over the last 10 years? This means that on average 40 people have been dying every day during that period of time. However, the death of those 14.900 people and the number of people who spent significant number of days in hospital could have been prevented with smoking cessation.

Quit Smoking For Good

Another interesting fact is that in Australia, there are more ex smokers – (more than 4 million) than current smokers –(less than 3.5). However this is still a worrying number of people who are addicted to nicotine and consume it on a daily basis. Smoking is the main reason for the most common deadly diseases that kill many Australians every year. In fact, smokers are more likely to die from a variety of cancer types, heart diseases, lung diseases and strokes compared to the non-smokers or ex-smokers.

Quit smoking is not easy task for most of the regular smokers. Most of them at some point in their life have tried to stop the bad habit but with no success. This is due to the highly addictive substance – nicotine that makes the brain highly dependent on it.

The modern medicine has developed a number of methods with a purpose to help smokers to stop this bad habit. The most common anti-smoking products and current methods include: nicotine replacements (patch, lozenge, inhaler, gum, nasal spray, etc.), acupuncture, medications, laser therapy, etc. If you have tried some of these methods and still didn’t managed to stop smoking, there is no need to be upset since there is another natural method that is becoming more and more popular – hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a proven method that helps people to overcome some mental and physical issues. The hypnotherapy for smoking is described as one of the most effective methods that has helped millions around the word who want to stop smoking. With hypnotherapy smoking, you can stop smoking without using any medications. All you need to do is to find a good hypnotherapist.

During the hypnotherapy smoking session, the hypnotherapist will put you in state of deep relaxation, or so called trance state. This way your brain becomes more open for positive thoughts and recommendations. With special techniques, the hypnotherapist will change the way you look at cigarettes. Although you may seem to be in a state of trance, you will still be conscious and aware of the environment that surrounds you. After certain number of hypnotherapy smoking sessions, you will become aware about the negative affects of smoking, and you will develop negative thoughts about smoking, such as:

  • Smoking is poisoning my body;
  • Smoking will cause a lung cancer for me, sooner or later;
  • My kids doesn’t deserve to inhale the poisonous fume of the cigarettes I smoke;

Furthermore, after several treatments you will be able to do self hypnosis and repeat the statements whenever you try to reach for a cigarette. In summary, the hypnotherapy smoking treatment is the best and most effective method to quit smoking.