How to Nail the Popular Surfer-Girl Look That’s Making Waves in Fashion

Australia is famous for its sunshine and pristine beaches. In fact, we love going to the beach so much that we’re constantly dressed for it. Although you may think that being dressed for the beach isn’t exactly fashionable, the popular surfer look will prove you wrong. Today, there are many Australian fashion labels that produce stylish pieces inspired by the surfer culture. If you too want to rock the relaxed but stylish surfer look, here are some tips on how to get started.

Embrace Bold, Printed Tops

Tops with prints are some of the most iconic surfer fashion clothes. Whether you go for a floral or animal print, neon typography, stripes or picture of a palm tree, cactus or waves – tops should never be safe and boring. Feel free to go for colours that remind you of candy such as pink, lime green, yellow or turquoise and match them with a neutral bottom to balance out the look. If you manage to draw attention with your top, you’re doing it right.

You’ll Never Go Wrong with Denim

The surfer and skateboarder look share many similarities, one of which is their love for denim. Whether you opt for a shirt, vest, shorts or jeans, make sure the denim has somewhat distressed appearance to give you a genuine surfer vibe.

Put Your Bikini On

Wearing a bikini even though you’re not actually going to the beach may seem unconventional at first, but when matched with the right pieces, it can be a winning fashion statement. Pairing your bikini top with a white linen shirt that reveals just the right amount of skin is great for injecting a flirty touch to your outfit. A crochet shirt top or dress can also be layered over a bikini. Both combinations look great when paired with denim bottoms or a loose, flowing skirt.

Don’t Forget Your Hat

When it comes to surfer fashion clothes aren’t the only element to consider. There are the accessories as well. Like for instance, hats. Besides being used for protection against the harsh Australian sun, the right hat can also be a great fashion statement. In fact, wide-brimmed hats are one of the most recognisable accessories for the surfer-girl look. If you really want to embrace the distinct Aussie culture, an Aukbra is the hat to go for.

Finish Your Look with Jewellery

And finally, don’t forget to add the finishing touches to your surfer-inspired outfit with the right jewellery. Opt for bracelets and necklaces made of natural materials such as woven fibres, seashells, beads, pebbles or shark teeth. Layer your wrists and neck with as many pieces as you can. You can even get bracelets with different sizes and line them up along your forearm as well.