How to Clean Grout and Tiles – Popular Cleaning Tips

Nothing’s worse than dirty grout. No matter how expensive the tiles in your bathroom or your kitchen are, if the grout is moldy and stained, your tiles are everything but beautiful. Accumulated dirt, food spills or hard water spots on grout not only look horrible, but also smell bad. Moreover, dirty grout is a potential source of bacterial infections. That’s why regular cleaning is necessary. This one is self-explanatory.




You may say, “Sure you need to clean grout and tiles to keep them looking nice, but how to clean them so they’re actually clean, fresh and shiny, without strenuous scrubbing?” It really isn’t all that complicated, few quality cleaning products is all you need. And regular cleaning routine, don’t forget that. Consistency is the key to keeping grout and tiles sparkling clean and your whole house for that matter.



  • Cleaning grout
  1. Clean the floors first. Use a broom, a mop or a wet cloth so you can collect any potential dust laying on the floors before you start cleaning the grout.
  2. There is a very wide choice of cleaning products for grout, but it’s best to start off with a mild solution; harsh chemicals can cause more damage than good. Cover the area with the cleaning solution; the floor will probably soak the product so you may need to re-apply it. Make sure you do not saturate the floors, just apply enough to fill in the crevices.
  3. Harsh stains are hard to take off, so leave the product to loosen them a little. Give it 30 minutes.
  4. The next step is scrubbing with a harsh brush. There are special grout brushes available in stores that can make grout cleaning very easy; if you find the one with a long stick so you do not need to kneel down, you’ve hit the jackpot. And if you cannot find this type of brush, an old tooth brush can do the job. It will be a little harder and will take a lot more time, but it will get the job done.
  5. Rinse. Once done with the scrubbing, simply rinse the kitchen floor or bathroom walls with clean water and make sure you wipe excess moisture with a clean cotton cloth. Do not leave to air dry. For an added shine, you can use specially-formulated products.
  • Cleaning tiles

Tiles are easy to clean; just wet them with water, choose the most suitable of all available cleaning products, soak the stains for a short period of time and scrub. Once completely clean, rinse them with water and finish with a product for shine. This goes for both kitchen and bathroom, the cleaning process is the same, the only thing that may differ is your choice of a cleaning solution although such cleaning products are formulated for all types of tiles.