Hiking, the Popular Outdoor Activity: Here’s How to Prepare for It

Spending time in nature is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to screen time or not, chances are you spend a lot of time daily in the company of electronics, we all do as modern day people.

While there are many activities or sports you could do that would help you stay in nature, if you’re looking for something popular and less challenging physically there’s always hiking you could make part of your life.

Australia abounds in breathtaking scenery and hiking trails so you’re sure to find one that’s up to your taste and level of physical fitness. Don’t get me wrong by the “less challenging” part, you still need some preparation before you can consider yourself ready for the hiking adventure.

By this I mean both in terms of physical aspect, training for the trip ahead of time (about two to three months ahead) with a treadmill and going for long walks to get the necessary stamina, as well as gear, acquiring the needed bits and pieces of hiking camping equipment.

Now, since the range of equipment is wide in specialised outdoor stores, it’s important to consider the trip itself to be able to decide on what exactly it is you require. Is it going to be a hike of several days, or are you just going for a day or two? Is the terrain you intend to visit rough or something less challenging?

Answering these questions you’d know what you ought to buy from the vast hiking camping equipment. In case it’s a several day hike, you’re going to have to pack up more clothing, food and water than you would for a day or two no matter how lightweight you want to go.

Then there’s also the aspect of whether you have a place to stay for the night or you’d be needing sleeping bags, tents as well as food, acquiring stoves and cooking essentials.

Likewise, if the terrain is rough you’d have to think of getting equipment with particular features, such as boots designed to provide you with the necessary support and traction and avoid getting sneakers just because you think they’re convenient because of being lightweight.

Additionally, there’s also the consideration of the season and weather specifically. Is it warm, hot, or cold? Is it rainy, snowy or sunny? Different seasons and weather means different backpack essentials, however, don’t underestimate the power of bringing some “just in case” clothing pieces. Sunny days can easily turn into stormy ones, so pack up a jacket!

Last but not least, bring a buddy with you and get to know well the maps of all the trails and locations you’re going to visit. A trendy hiker is one who’s prepared for the adventure!