Here’s Why Self-watering White Planters are Super Popular

Regardless of whether your home allows it or not, you can find the space for a garden. The reasons why a garden is a must-have for every household are plenty: you get to grow your own food and you know what you use in the process so it cannot get more organic than that.

Also, gardening is some sort of an exercise in itself as you get to do physically demanding movements such as lifting planters and fertilising bags, and along with this it can affect your state of mind. It is the ideal pastime activity to release all the stress accumulated during a day full of office work and let your mind wander off. Great news is, scientists have also linked gardening with the release of the happy-hormone serotonin and helps lessen symptoms of depression.


Lucky as we are to be a part of such an advanced world, there are many life aspects that have been greatly simplified and gardening is one of them. Since we are all pressed for time either on a daily basis or several times a week, taking care of plants can be more of a chore than enjoyment. However, we can thank minds of inventors for coming up with an ingenious idea that takes care of your gardening worries: the self-watering planter. When looking for self-watering planters for your home, you will find the most popular ones being the white planters for sale. The secret of their popularity lies in their design.

As the name suggests, self-watering white planters consist of a self-watering system which can take care of your watering chores. Whatever the watering schedule of your plants, either done once per day or week, you can leave that to the planter. The built-in water reservoir provides easy water filling, and while allowing enough moisture for the plants through natural capillary action, it also stores water for further use. To take your worries away to the fullest, there is a water level indicator to remind you of when there is not enough water in the reservoir. Simply said, these white planters for sale are made to be practical.

Depending on your preferences and home style, they are easy to set up and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Their design is made to either stand alone or can be interconnected with other self-watering white planters, which is perfect if you want to divide a space. The sleek sophisticated style can be incorporated in your home décor be it for growing flowers or your own vegetables. Choice of materials also affect ingenuity: UV and corrosion resistant, with the right self-watering planter, neither sun nor rain can put an end to your gardening fun.