Healthy Hair, Don’t Care: The Popular Ways to Protect It From Damage

No fancy hairstyle beats having healthy hair. When you maintain your hair on a day to day basis, you can wake up, adjust a few strands and be done. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll need to consider making a few adjustments to your routine.

Proper Washing Routine


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Though you might have heard the best thing to do is to wash infrequently, there’s no specific recommendation about it. Some types of hair (thin, straight, with no volume) require daily washing, and others can do with just once or twice per week (thick, curly, coily, coarse, with lots of volume). It also comes down to lifestyles, as in whether the person works out every day and gets all sweaty.

What matters more than how often you wash is the products you use. More often than not, choosing a shampoo isn’t something people do research for – if it cleans the scalp and hair and doesn’t break the bank, it’s a win win, right? Well, not exactly.

A shampoo isn’t only meant to clean, but rather strengthen, hydrate, nurture, repair and protect the hair, which is exactly what you get when you invest in quality professional products. Along with choosing based on your hair type, it’s necessary to look into the ingredients and opt for a formula that’s gentler, and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients like sulfates as that can result in damage such as split ends and dry and itchy scalp – consider this particularly if you wash your hair every day.

Pick-The-Right-Formula for your hair with shampoo

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In case you have dyed your hair, you’d be better off buying shampoos meant for coloured hair because they help prevent fading. People with fine hair should fill up their shelves with lighter volumising shampoos, whereas those with curly hair can prevent frizz with heavier formulas and for those with greasy hair, the solution is less oily formulas.

Proper Conditioning

Even if you have nutritional shampoos introducing a conditioner in your hair care would bring about healthier hair that shines and can detangle when brushing more easily. Simply put, perfect for a little cafuné.


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Additionally, since shampooing lifts the cuticles, after that it is the perfect time to seal them by infusing them with a doze of nourishment and strengthening, which is what a conditioner provides, so you can count on less breakage. Make sure you buy naturally based product that’s packed with useful ingredients such as essential oils.

Not to mention, it would be piece of cake to achieve outstanding styling. Now, if you’re wondering how often you should use it, again it depends on how fine your hair is. The finer it is, the less often it should be applied, reducing to once or twice per week as opposed to daily with dense hair.

Proper Drying

We’re all pressed for time in this modern day and age, and even showering and bathing isn’t done as it should when we’re in a hurry. We just rub vigorously with the towel, dress up and get on with our errands. This is something that can take its toll on the hair – it’s most vulnerable when it’s wet, which is why it’s better to gently squeeze the water out instead of drying harsh with a towel.

Still, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t dry with a towel at all, just be sure to pick a separate one for this – preferably softer and fluffier microfibre towel that can absorb water faster, or a turban created especially for this purpose instead of using your body towel. Even if you dry with a hairdryer, it’s best to squeeze the excess water out first using the soft towel, and only then use heat on the lowest setting.

Proper Styling

tickening mousse Hair powder

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Who doesn’t like to change their look every now and then with the help of heat styling? Straighteners and curlers are the perfect solution to getting the straight or curly hair you’ve always wanted, but they can be as dangerous as they are efficient. That being said, don’t forget to include heat protectants in the form of a spray or a serum (apply before styling).

Additional Tip

Don’t you just wish you could wake up with the perfect hair every day and never have to deal with bedhead ever again? Well, you can end the wishing because the answer lies in getting yourself a silk pillowcase.


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The smooth surface is ideal to prevent friction as the hair glides through it and it even prevents damage regardless whether you go to sleep with wet or dry hair. The bonus? It’s perfect for the skin too, so investing in such pillowcases means investing in your beauty, simply said.