The Most Popular German Wines

Complement your nice dinner with outstanding German wines, that count as one of the best wines in the world. You will find wide range of German wines that will satisfy every taste and budget. German wines are made of high quality grape varieties grown in popular German regions. Complete your wine collection with an excellent German wine that you can save for some special occasion. Before you decide to buy a specific German wine, go through our list of some of the best German wines popular worldwide.

German WIne

  • Donnhoff Estate Riesling Dry – One of the finest German wines that come from Nahe region, is the Donnhoff Estate Riesling Dry wine. The unique texture of peach, pear and apple, and citrusy taut finish, give this German wine a faint sweetness and acidity. If you enjoy a citrus and zest aromas, then this German wine is an ideal choice for your Chinese, Japanese or Thai food. With one taste, you will feel the magic this German wine has. German wines made in Nahe are know as the most powerful, complex and weightless wines that far ahead from their rivals Prum, Loosen and Egon Muller.
  • Dr Loosen Blueslate Kabinett Riesling – Dr Loosen is German’s best rated vineyard, that makes world-class German wines. One of these popular German wines is this Blueslate Kabinett Riesling wine that features white peach fruit. To make this German wine so sophisticated and intense, Ernst Loosen uses organic fertilization and strict fruit selection which results in delicious and delicate finish. Therefore, if you are looking for a German wine ideal for spicy Asian dishes, than this is the one to choose.
  • Selbach-Oster Incline Riesling – If you are looking to buy German wine that has great quality but an attractive price, then choose the Selbach-Oster Incline Riesling wine. Excellent choice for savory Asian dishes, this German wine is known for its refreshing apple and citrus taste. From all medium dry German wines, the Selbach Riesling stands out with its uniqueness, quality and affordable price.
  • J.L. Wolf Villa Wolf Riesling – Treat yourself with a nice German wine and enjoy an excellent glass of J.L. Wolf Villa Wolf Riesling wine that has lovely peach and stone flavors with a hint of apricot. Even if you are picky with wines, you will find this German wine a perfect addition to your continental dishes, especially fish, chicken or pork. Perfectly balanced acidity gives this German wine a juicy grip, making it ideal for everyday and special occasions.