Flywire Doors: Popular and Stylish Solution for Keeping Insects at Bay

What Is The Purpose of a Screen Door?

While trying to protect ourselves from the hot summer sun with the right blinds is great, we should also try to protect ourselves from flying insects. Out of them all, flies are the most annoying without a doubt. The main purpose of mesh screen doors is to block out flies. Coming in different sizes, shapes, designs, material and mesh densities, flywire doors give you the opportunity to choose the one that meets both your personal preferences and budget. While keeping flies at bay is the main purpose of these doors, there are some other benefits that you might find interesting and helpful.

Keeping All Insects at Bay


Besides being the perfect and most efficient protection against flies, flywire doors can protect your home from all kinds of insects and creepy crawlers. Having such insects in your home is not hygienic and can lead to numerous diseases. But not only insects, a door like this can also protect your home from bats which love visiting homes when the sun goes down. This is one more reason why you should install a fly screen door.

Improved Ventilation & Natural Light


By installing fly screen doors, you have the freedom to improve your home ventilation while enjoying more of that natural daylight. Leaving your main doors open without having installed fly doors is impossible due to the high crime rates. By installing a door of this kind on your existent doors, you’ll be allowed to open up your home while letting fresh air and natural light in. Both your family and your plants can benefit from this since all living organisms are in need of fresh air and natural daylight.


By allowing fresh air in, you will be able to keep your home cooler during the warmer time of the year without having to turn on your air conditioning every time you want to regulate the indoor temperature. This can reduce the need of using your air conditioner which can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Furthermore, the thicker the mesh, the better the sun blockage. This means that besides having natural ventilation which is of vital importance during the warmer months, these mesh doors can also block out direct sunlight and minimise the build-up of heat inside your home. This can additionally protect your floors and furniture from getting damaged from the harmful summer sun and its UV rays.

Keeping the View While Maintaining Your Privacy


While a regular solid door can block any view you might have outside, having an insect screen door can allow you to enjoy the scenic view you might have. With the use of mesh fly doors, you can maintain most of the traditional benefits of a solid door while having the ability to maintain your outdoor view.

Besides that, they will also keep you away from prying eyes, and all of this thanks to the thicker mesh and its angle. However, depending on your needs, you can choose the design and thickness of the door’s mesh.

Boosting the Curb Appeal

While the initial reason why homeowners decide to install such doors is to protect themselves from insects, it seems that these doors can add a level of style to your property as well. Being available in a range of frames, mesh types, materials and designs, these doors can add to the curb appeal of your home. So, if leaving a good first impression matters to you, you can choose from the numerous decorative and colourful screen doors available on the market. Choose a model that can meet both the level of protection you need and your personal taste.

Improved Night’s Sleep


Nothing can be more annoying than sleeping in a hot and stuffy room. If you don’t want to use an air conditioner during the night for one reason or another, but you are too afraid to leave your door open because of insects and burglars, consider installing a screen door. Thanks to them, you will not only improve your air ventilation but also your sleep, waking up well-rested, fresh and productive, ready to take on the day.