Flat Weave Rug: Reasons They are so Popular Now

Although considered a recent trend, rugs have been a part of home décor schemes for more than a few centuries. Besides being decorative, rugs are extremely functional and practical home accessories that can be quite useful during the colder periods of the year. Rugs can provide us with barrier and warmth whenever we step on them and it’s no wonder why in the past the floors were completely covered with carpets. However, this is no longer trendy, so nowadays we have the chance to enjoy in the newest and more lighter version of rugs – flatweave.

What is a Flat Weave Rug?

As the name implies, when compared to some other types, these weave rugs are flat and contain no knots, which makes them smoother and more appealing. The whole rug surface is made of parallel running fibre that comprises the length of the rug (wrap) as well as those that run along the width (weft). This flat weaving technique for creating rugs has been popular since ever and was used for the creation of a lot of older rug styles like Needlepoint rugs, Chainstich, Aubusson weaves, Hooked rugs, etc. Whether you choose one of these or you opt for some other style, the truth is that these flat rugs can provide you with a lot of benefits. Consequently, there are lots of reasons why you should have at least one in your home.

weave rug fo living room

Flat-weave Rugs are the Best Transitional Piece

Since carpets and the large floor-sized Persian rugs are out of fashion, the flat woven rugs slowly have become favourite among people. Although you still have the chance to choose a design that resembles Persian rugs, these days the selection of flat-woven rugs is huge. With their help and by making a few other decorative changes, you can easily change the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Unlike the huge and extremely heavy Persian rugs and carpets, the flat rugs of this kind are easy to switch out and replace any time you want. Besides this, these rugs have a light construction which means that they are pretty lightweight and easy to move around.

Ideal for All Year-Round

These rugs come with thermo-insulation properties. Unlike the heavy and thick types of rugs that are only great for the winter, the weaved ones are perfect for all year round. For instance, when the weather is colder, these rugs can keep your feet warmer and the electricity bills lower. And vice versa, when the weather is warmer, these rugs can keep your feet cooler. This is because they are made of natural materials like cotton, wool and bamboo which are breathable materials.

flatweave rug for living room with modern grey sofas, coffee table and black pillows

Impressive & Large Selection of Colours and Patterns

When searching for a flat rug, you can expect a dazzling range of colours and patterns. You can choose simple yet timeless designs, modern versions flat rugs and all in between. For instance, you can find amazing stripe patterned and geometric formed interwoven shapes, ideal for modern, contemporary and Scandinavian interiors. The main difference between flat weave rugs and dhurries, kilims and soumak rugs is that the latter resemble a lot Persian and Moroccan rugs due to the number of colours and patterns. Other differences are the size, thickness and the weaving process. If you want to add a pop of colour in your home with a patterned rug, you can do it with the help of kilim rugs. Otherwise, you can go with geometric and stripe patterned flat rugs as they usually come in calmer, pastel and more neutral colours. Precisely this makes the modern versions of flat rugs easy to mix and match with different décor pieces and interior styles.

They Don’t Shed

The traditional types of rugs or also known as knotted-weave rugs are made when wrap threads are woven together with weft threads. The rug’s surface is created by knotting wool or silk around pairs of wrap threads after which it’s cut to the desired length. Whether machine knotted or by hand, the main downside of these rugs is that they shed a lot, especially when new. The shedding can be a major source of dust in the room which can cause allergies in some people. Flatwoven rugs do not shed, trap far lower quantities of allergens and consequently produce less dust. In addition to all this, flat-woven rugs are extremely easy to clean and vacuum. If you are wondering how to clean flat weave rug, all you need to do is a few easy steps.