Fishing Done Right: The Most Popular Fishing Lines Explained

Fishing Lines 2

Even though almost all kinds of fishing lines can help you catch fish, there are some types that can yield much better results. Fishing adventures can range from the satisfaction of catching fish and enjoying the peacefulness it brings, to the frustration that comes when the “big catch” gets away more than a few times.

Simply put, your fishing line is the connection between you and the prey. That is why it is important that you find the type that fits your fishing needs. Luckily, there are types of fishing lines that have proven to be reliable, just be mindful – they aren’t all made equal, so when looking to buy fishing line online take the following three types into consideration.

Fishing Lines

Monofilament (Mono) Fishing Line

Monofilament, or also known as mono fishing line, is probably one of the most familiar types for all fishermen. One of the biggest advantages of this type of line is that it’s able to stretch in order to absorb shocks. Plus, it can easily be tied in knots – another useful characteristic for fishermen. However, when you look through and decide to buy fishing line online, make sure that you go for ones made to last as to make the whole experience much easier and enjoyable. That is why mono lines come in a variety of colours that help with efficiency. Clear or blue shades are in great demand since these are hardly visible while in use.

Braided Fishing Line

When compared to the monofilament line, this type is a tad more expensive, but it comes with a greater deal of advantages too. One feature that fishermen find especially convenient is that the braided fishing line comes in small diameters, meaning that you can fit more on your reel and increase the time spent in the water. Moreover, it allows you to catch bigger fish even when you use a smaller reel. Additionally, braided types of fishing lines are more durable and don’t easily get damaged by sunlight.

Fluorocarbon (Leader) Fishing Line

Traditionally, fluorocarbon fishing lines have been used by many as leader material. But in time, a great number of fishermen started to see the advantages of this line and are now using it as a main fishing line. When compared to the monofilament type, the fluorocarbon line is much denser and heavier in size and is practically invisible when placed underwater. Besides that, fluorocarbon lines are waterproof and UV resistant – making them both efficient and highly durable.