Exploring the Most Popular Benefits of Upgrading to High-Performance Headers

Although they certainly add appeal to your vehicle when you race down the street, high-performance headers go way beyond that. They also help make your car a better performing ride from the very beginning of the race to the finish line. Even if you don’t race cars, the benefits that come from upgrading to high-performance headers are just hard to ignore. Here are just some of the reasons why people opt for these extractors.


This is a common reason, especially if you have a bigger vehicle, as you need more torque in order to ride it uphill or just drive it in the city. The vehicle’s engine is definitely built to push the vehicle uphill but it uses more fuel as it struggles to get the air through the pipes. Thanks to high-performance extractors, the intake of air in the engine is increased, which helps it to run smoothly thus using less fuel during the process.


High-performance extractors (headers) aren’t only meant to improve your performance but to also make your vehicle stand out from the rest. If you are someone who wants to show off his ride, you won’t go wrong if you opt for a high-performance header. This type of header is added to the sides and the front of the car as well, and you can even have them match your vehicle’s theme. You can add more pipes if you want to create a more modern look for your car and you can polish the header from time to time to maintain its shine.

The “Scavenging” Effect

The only condition for this effect to work is that you need to have long enough tubes, which will help bring the intake charge into the cylinder. This is made possible thanks to the negative pressure wave, which is generated when the exhaust gas pulse goes through the header tube and into the collector. The negative pressure wave goes back to the header tube and then to the exhaust port when the valve is overlapping. This also helps any exhaust gas to escape from the cylinder, which can improve the vehicle’s performance, as long as it is in the right rpm range.


If you want to have a faster car, then a high-performance header is the right fit for you, as not only will it increase the overall speed but it will also contribute to a better head start. This is very important if you have a large engine, as they are known to limit the vehicle’s thrust. Also, if you want to see the difference straight away – make sure to remove your regular manifold.