Everything You Need to Know About Arboricultural Consultants

If you have trees in your backyard that need to be taken care of or you want to make some changes when it comes to your backyard’s landscape, then you need an arboricultural consultant to assess the situation and provide you with a solution. 

What Is an Arboricultural Consultant?

Arboricultural Consultant
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An arboricultural consultant is a person who holds a degree in arboriculture (or a similar field) or has completed a traineeship program and has experience in the field. The main role of arboricultural consultants is to inspect a landscape and advise you on how to maintain trees and make sure they are healthy.

An arborist’s report contains information about the health of a tree, the health and condition of the soil, the air quality as well as the possible risks. If a small tree is in question, the arborist can tell you all about how the tree is expected to grow and develop and if that will have some repercussions on the surrounding area. Also, the arborist will inform you about the possible risks and if the tree can pose a threat to the environment.

Arborist reports are made after the arboricultural consultant has inspected the area first-hand. The job itself is not one done from the office but rather on the field. The consultant needs to examine the soil, identify the trees, see if the trees are suffering from any disease and conduct decay testing, ultrasound and tomography testing. 

The arboricultural consultant can also help you if you’re planning on planting trees. For that, arborists work closely with landscape architects to provide you with the best solution. Plus, arborists know the most popular landscaping tricks. After all, if you want to make the most out of the available area, you need to plant the trees strategically. The best arboricultural consultants have years-long experience in making tree assessments and there isn’t anyone more suitable for the job. 

Why Is Arboriculture Important?

Tree Arborist
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Arboriculture is all about the cultivation, management and study of trees. It is a science that studies the trees, how they grow, what affects them positively and negatively and how they affect the surrounding area but it is also a practice. Arboriculture involves planting trees, preparing the soil, adding fertilizers and pesticides, preventing plant diseases, treating tree damage, pruning and eventually removing trees that are no longer growing healthy. You should never underestimate the importance of having your trees professionally assessed.

Arboriculture has an ancient origin. The existence of arboriculture is parallel to the existence of trees. When you think about it, all the species that exist today would not have existed if people didn’t care to preserve them.  Preservation of trees is of utmost importance and so is arboriculture. People that specialize in arboriculture are called arborists and they possess both theoretical and practical knowledge when it comes to tree care.

Arboriculture is important both globally and for every property owner individually. Trees can make your property and landscape look amazing providing they are properly taken care of. Properties that have a nice landscape have bigger value on the market. For instance, if you decide to sell your property its price will be 10 times bigger if the landscape is a nice-looking one. Contrary to that, if you have trees in your front and backyard that is sick, decaying or badly pruned, the property value will decrease.

Arboriculture is important both for tree preservation and for creating amazing landscapes. Arborists play a big role when it comes to keeping the trees safe and healthy and making your property outstanding. Trees can make or break the appearance of your outdoor space. So, if you want a window view worth killing for and a curb appeal that makes people jealous, arboriculture is the way to go. 

The Bottom Line

tree arborists
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The arboricultural consultant is exactly the person you need if you have trees that need to be inspected or if you’re planning on planting new trees. You can always take care of the trees on your own but you can’t quite do it with the same expertise. Arborists possess deep knowledge of everything that’s tree-related and they can help you in every situation. Despite hiring a consultant, you can also hire an arborist that can prune your trees or even remove a tree if it’s sick, decaying or tangled in wires. The arborist knows precisely which tree can be saved and which one needs to be removed.

Now, this is something you most certainly can’t do on your own. Watering the trees and fertilizing the soil is one thing but removing a tree requires a whole different set of skills that arborists have but you don’t. That’s why you shouldn’t even think about tree removal on your own. Hiring an arborist is the best thing you can do if you want the job done professionally and without casualties or damage.

Arboriculture, in general, has a very big role in the safeguarding of the biological ecosystem. After all, trees are not just something that beautifies properties but also a home for many species. Despite being important for people, trees are also important for wildlife. They are a vital part of the existence of humans, animals and insects. Life on Earth would not be possible without trees and everything they provide. This only shows how important arboriculture is and how much we need people who understand this science. Trees need proper care and maintenance and arborists are here to make that happen. For a reasonable sum, you can get a professional who knows what they’re doing and a final result that’s worth every dollar.