Country Wear: As Popular as Ever!

Howdy ya’ll! It’s time to have a bit of a chat over a trend that never goes out of style. You guessed it, it’s country. Country is cool now same as it was back in the days when Western films started gaining popularity in the 1950s, and I wouldn’t exaggerate in saying the year 2018 is the year of all-things country.

Why is this so? It certainly has to do with the fact the Wild West has that appeal we want more of, and cowboy couture is the way to go about it for those of us who aren’t cowboys or live on a ranch.

We see Western pieces on the runways, magazines, blogs, and clothing shops, from ties and coats to hats and boots. There’s a fine line between getting it right with the style and looking downright tacky, so remember not to go overboard. If you don’t know where to start, buy western hats.

A nicely designed and crafted hat, with meticulous attention to the materials as much as to the features is a stylish piece that can add Western charm to many outfits you can wear. When you buy western hats, you have to buy a pair of boots too, as the spotlight of the outfit.

The reason cowboy boots are so appealing has to do with the feeling they give us when wearing them. When I wear my pair I feel a sense of empowerment, so every step I take is one done with boldness. If you want to awaken your adventurous rugged side, my advice is to adopt the style.

Boots go well with anything, whether it’s jeans, skirts, or even something as slick as suits or feminine as a dress, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Since there is a variety of country wear you can find, both simple and glamorous, you might want to give glitter pieces a try too.

What would country be without the element of fringe? Perhaps it’s fringe top you’d love to wear, fringe dress, fringe bag, jacket with a bit of fringe, or mixing it all up; whatever it is, you can rest assured it’s part of the Western charm and as such is more than welcome in your closet.

Beauty is in the details, and in this case, the bolo ties. It may come off as a surprise, but these ties have made it big as of late in the world of country accessories, and if you don’t believe me just search for the #BoloTie hashtag on Instagram to see how many posts you find.

Finish the look with a tie and you’re ready!