Circular Saws: Popular Types and Features to Look For

If you ever need to accurately cut through a piece of wood, masonry, steel and ceramic tiles, look no further than a circular saw. It’s one of the most popular power tools used today, and it has enough raw power to slice through everything from dense hardwood to wet lumber without bogging down. In this article, I’ll talk about the different styles, the available features and how to buy circular saws on sale.

Worm Drive

The motor is lined with the blade and it delivers enough torque to saw through concrete or carve up wet lumber, making it ideal for major renovation or framing jobs. The handle is farther back, so you can better steer through long rips and resist kickback. As is the case on most full-size worm-drive saws, the blade sits left to the motor, allowing an easy view for right handed users.

Circular Saws


The motor is located alongside the blade and that makes this type of saws lighter than the worm drive. This gives the user more maneuverability and the helical gearing on higher-end models gives it even more torque, making these models one of the better ones available on the market. There are smaller models which weigh even less, thus providing even more maneuverability but have less power. The smaller models are ideal for small-scale, household tasks.

Corded vs. Cordless

Saws can either be corded or cordless. Corded saws need a nearby power outlet to operate, but you don’t have to worry about any batteries dying in the middle of a project. Corded models are best suited for tough cutting jobs like steel, continuous woodcutting and masonry.

Cordless models are much more convenient when working in remote areas and areas where extension cords are hard to use. These models are usually smaller than corded models, so they’re best suited for cutting wood. They can cut through tougher materials as well, but the battery will drain quickly.


Full-round knobs and large, smooth-cornered lever locks, which can be tightened down with the entire hand, make it easier and faster to change the bevel settings and the depth of cut than hard-to-grasp and small levers and wing nuts.

Looking for Sales

Find a few industrial equipment web sites online, bookmark them, and wait for affordable circular saws on sale. If you’re not in a rush, this can potentially save you up to a hundred dollars, sometimes even more. Keep an eye out for sales in local hardware, tools and equipment stores as well, as there are frequent sales in most of them as well.