Boho Fashion Is Celeb Attraction

Festival season is the perfect time of the year for not only devoted festival fans but also for popular celebrities. And music is not the only thing that is the centre of these events, fashion is among the central aspects as well. And it is these festivals and events that play a huge role in setting the trends for the upcoming seasons. So, whether it is an occasional outfit, or a red carpet one, everyone admires the celebrity looks and want to model their outfits after them.


Lately, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, and Sienna Miller have been influencing many with their boho fashion style. These celebrities definitely know how to rock the stylish boho chic look with modern bohemian outfits and accessories. Here are some boho fashion ideas that you can use to create a look like your favourite trendy celebrities.

  • Stand out from the crowd with flare pants in a boho style pattern and a strapless, loose fit crop top. Add a little of sparkle by putting jewels around your eyes.
  • An all black outfit is uncommon to see in a music festival, but if you are a kind of person who likes to take risks, go for it. Cheeky shorts with a flowy, lace crop top is a must-have combination for these kinds of festivals. Add a twist of the traditional floral headpiece and complete the look with unique blue-mirrored sunglasses. Amazing.
  • How about you go out in a bikini top, a nice, big hat, a flowy cover-up and stylish boho accessories on your neck and wrists? It is summer time and you might decide you want to hit the beach while sipping cocktails with your friends. It is as simple as that. To complete this look, choose a neon mirrored pair of sunglasses.
  • If you do not know who Alessandra Ambrosio is, you definitely should. This famous Victoria’s Secret Angel is a fashion icon that keeps positvely surprising us with her unique fashion styles and ideas. In a famous valley music and arts festival in California she showed up in a super short crop top combined with the 60s-inspired shorts with a high waist. To break up the look a bit, she added a belt and a big necklace. Plus, Alessandra decided to stay pretty natural with her hairstyle and sunglasses choice so that she does not over do the entire look.

Boho fashion style can be a lot fun to wear. And talking about fun, accessories are a fantastic way to implement fun elements. Not only can they tie a whole outfit together, but they can also take it to the next level. Artistic jewelry is a must-have in a bohemian look. Large standout pieces of handmade jewelry in natural materials like precious stones, turquoise and leather will bring your idea to life. Keep in mind, boho fashion style is all about wearing layers of clothes and unique accessories. Be creative.