Bedroom Aesthetics and Comfort: The Popularity of Bed Heads

Sleep has got to be one of the most important components of our lives. The fact we sleep one third of a days, and one third of our lives shows how great of a component it is exactly, and that explains why the role of the bedroom is a great one too.

Turning the bedroom into an oasis means different things for different people, but we can all agree it starts from adding stylishness.

Though we focus on the décor as a whole, often thinking of the bed as a utilitarian piece of furniture, it’s still a furniture piece that has an aesthetic task as well which shows why, no matter the size of the bed, be it single, queen or king bed heads are essential and have been popular for years.

A quick search through a furniture store and you’re sure to find a variety of bed heads, plenty of styles and materials to choose from. There are those of us who can’t get enough of them, and those who find them entirely useless, but bed heads go a long way back in history, more specifically to the times of ancient Egyptians.

In those days the concept of bed heads, also known as headoards, had a more practical insulating purpose, created to protect the sleepers from drafts, however the Egyptians knew how to use a piece to add extra luxury, so those of pharaohs were usually made of gold leading to turning the bed and headboard into status symbols.

Nowadays having plenty of options from single, queen and king bed heads in all sorts of materials and fabrics, both eye-catching and available in a wide range of prices, it’s the kind of luxury you can afford to get and whether you need to make the room pop, define the sleeping area, or make a focal point, those are all jobs of a headboard.

Comparing headboards today with those of ancient times, we might not need them for insulation but they happen to help with creating a safe space around the bed area, the much needed additional support enabling rest, relaxation and intimacy. It means there’s more to them than mere aesthetics!

So no, they aren’t the necessary pieces they once were, especially when it comes to free-standing beds we use today, yet they happen to be the finishing touch that can tie the décor of your bedroom, make it more comfortable and eye-pleasing.