Barking Collars: The Most Popular Types and Brands

While the advantages and pleasures of owning a dog far outweigh the disadvantages and duties, there are still many obligations that you simply can’t neglect and problems you need to deal with regarding your pooch. One of them is teaching your dog not to bark uncontrollably. Barking is a natural behaviour for dogs, and most of them do it for a specific purpose, while others do it just because they’re bored and agitated.

If you have the time and patience to work with your dog, this problem can be easily solved. However, most dog owners have a family, a job and other duties, so they can’t spend as much time as they’d like training their dog. If your dog has a barking issue and it’s starting to upset your neighbours or it keeps you up at night, a good solution would be getting a non barking collar. The purpose of a non barking collar is to break your dog’s bad barking habits, without you having to be around it 24/7.

It’s a precise method, and it gives your pet negative reinforcement only when they’re misbehaving. When used right, a barking dog collar can be very effective and safe. Many new dog owners are wondering are anti bark collars cruel, and the answer is – no, as long as you pick the right model. To help you out find the best one for your furry pal, here are the most popular types of barking collars for sale and their features.

women with black dog that is barking

Different Types of Bark Collars

Since every dog has different needs, you need to know what type of reinforcement method works best for them. Some dogs are more sensitive than others, and they don’t need much to correct their behaviour. For some dogs, vibrating collars work best, while others may need something that’s a bit stronger, like gentle shocks of static electricity. Some dog collars incorporate several methods, providing you with more versatility. Here are the most popular types.

  • Static bark collars, also known as electric bark collars, are by far the most popular type. They work by sending a quick pulse of static electricity when the collar senses your dog’s barking. They come in various sizes and you can adjust their intensity levels;
  • Spray bark collars are for owners who dislike the idea of shocking their dogs with static electricity. These collars work by releasing citronella spray when they sense that the dog is barking. Citronella is completely safe, but dogs dislike its smell, so it works as a negative stimulus;
  • Vibration bark collars are another safe type of bark collar that detects your dog’s barks and sends a vibrating interruptive pulse instead of static electricity. They’re a great option for small and timid dogs, and they usually feature multiple combinations of vibrations that you can choose from;
  • Ultrasonic bark collars are another great method, where the collar sends a high-pitch sound that annoys the dog. The sound emitted by these collars can’t be heard by humans, as dogs’ hearing is far more sensitive than ours.

dog collars to stop dogs barking

Important Features to Consider

Nowadays, barking collars can come with a wide range of features. Typically, the more features a collar has, the more expensive it will be. That being said, you need to consider which features matter to you and choose accordingly. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Adjustable intensity levels – most bark collars, especially static bark collars, give you the freedom to pick between different modes with varying levels of stimulation and a warning beep. Some collars, like spray ones, aren’t adjustable;
  • Safety features – an automatic shut-off feature can be very handy and provide you with peace of mind knowing that it won’t accidentally hurt your dog;
  • Rechargeable batteries – granted, nowadays most bark collars will feature rechargeable batteries, but there are some that don’t. So, make sure to double-check this part, just in case;
  • Waterproofness – this is especially important if your dog frequently plays outdoors;
  • Adjustable size – this is useful if your dog is young and quickly growing so that you don’t have to buy a different sized collar when it outgrows its current one.

The Most Popular Brands

There are quite a few brands that manufacture quality, safe barking collars. Some of the most popular ones are PetSafe, SportDog, Motorola, Garmin and Dogtra. While the products from these brands may be more expensive than collars from less known brands, they’re definitely worth their price. Typically, the collars from these brands are made of quality materials, have more features and are better-tested which makes them safer.