Australia’s Most Popular Supplement Brands

There are many popular supplement brands in Australia devoted to bodybuilding and sports nutrition. These companies are also globally famous because they use superior local ingredients to produce high-quality products. And while you can totally achieve maximum weight training results with high-quality workout supplements, it’s possible that adding cheap, no-name brand products can actually hurt your progress.

In the last couple of years, a few Australian supplement companies have become quite popular in the field of fitness. Take a look at the best of the best.

EHP Labs


Source: Legion Athletics

This is a leading sports supplement brand founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This company now offers over 20 supplement products formulated to satisfy various fitness goals like weight loss, pre-workout, muscle gain, muscular recovery, sleep and detox.
Perhaps one of the most well-known EHP Labs supplements is Oxyshred fat burner. It contains one of the finest burning compounds available on the market today. This supplement increases the body’s metabolism, boost fat-burning and reduce calories. What separates Ehp-labs Oxyshred from the rest is its contents: it has zero sugars and carbs, full-strength Alcar and a Hyper-Liposys matrix. Because it targets fat molecules and helps you shred extra unwanted fat, Oxyshred is the most advanced and potent thermogenic fat burner that has ever been developed, according to the company’s claims.

Some other winning products this brand offers include Pre, Intra and Post Workout nutrition such as Beyond BCAA’s, Oxywhey, Oxysleep, Isopept plus and many more with amazing properties and flavours. Most recently they have developed Lust Natural Protein which is an all-natural plant-based product that promotes a vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and lactose-free lifestyle. Blessed protein powder comes in amazing flavours of vanilla chai, salted caramel, choc coconut and strawberry milk. They also use 100% natural stevia – the most popular natural sweetener nowadays and cutting edge technology to produce the most delicious and smooth plant-based protein powders.

In addition to the EHP labs supplements, the company also offers fitness and lifestyle apparel garments designed for high profile athletes and ambassadors. Aiming to positively impact as many people as they can, Ehp Labs Australia is major brand sponsors at top fitness expos in Australia, America and Europe. Build to empower human potential (as that’s the meaning of the prefix EHP) this brand truly thrives to offer to its community a holistic and healthier approach in achieving their fitness goals.

BSC Body Science



Another well-known Australia’s sports nutrition company, BSC Body Science has been established in 1999. They won many awards for best protein and best testing protein, and they focus on advertising as they proudly sponsor Sydney football club and some of the biggest names in professional rugby league, cricket and basketball as well as elite athletes such as Shane Watson, James Magnussen, Willie Meason and professional bodybuilders like Mike Kingsnorth and Justin Wessels. Providing these famous athletes with high-quality supplements and advanced compression garments, it’s difficult not to notice the BSC logo.

BSC Body Science company is focused on producing reliable, safe and effective products that have a great emphasis on the performance. They offer some famous products such as Myocytin, NitroVol and Bsc WPI. Over the years they have also expanded and developed bodybuilding and fat loss supplements such as Hydroxyburn range.



Source: Muscle Maker Supplements

Max’s is Australia’s epochal brand that is leading the market since 1989. This brand is most famous for its reliable and nutritious protein powders, which are considered to be one of the best-tasting in the fitness industry. Max’s offers a dietary guide in every product which is very beneficial and handy if you’re a beginner trainer.

Although Max’s doesn’t have a large range of supplement categories, their spectrum of protein powders is excellent. Whatever you might need from a protein powder, they will surely have it. They have popular products such as Super Shred for weigh loss and Super Size for weight gain. In addition, Max’s supply Australian bodybuilders with a wide range of delicious protein bars, cookies and pancakes. They also have a selection of Maxine’s supplements designed for ladies.



Source: Musashi

Established in 1987, Musashi was Australian owned until huge food conglomerate Nestle has bought it. However, it still operates locally, using intelligent Australian minds. Nestle provides them access to its huge research and customers network.
As BSC, Musashi is concentrated on athletic performance. They’re very well-know across Australia thanks to its sponsorships and successful ambassadors. Musashi covers an extensive range of products, providing beneficial branched-chain amino acids and single-ingredient supplements.

However, they also have blended formulas which are one of the top-selling weight gainers like Musashi Bulk. They are also very successful when it comes to formulas for women. In the past few years, Mushashi reconsidered their flavour technology and developed some of the tastiest protein bars currently available on the market.

As you can see from the above, the Australian market has no shortage when it comes to high-quality supplements. Regardless of whether you are looking to build muscle, improve workout performance, or burn fat, the local brands can help you. With all these companies producing premium products, even the most serious bodybuilders can get the advantage of buying locally.