AEMC’s Most Popular Three Phase Power Analyzers

Power quality analyzer is test and measurement instrument which is used in troubleshooting issues in the operation of many electrical devices and systems. The three phase power analyzers are some of the most commonly used versions of this instrument.


On many industrial job sites, the three phase power analyzers are used for testing the quality of the power through measuring parameters such as: AC current, AC voltage and frequency. This type of test and measurement tool is very important for ensuring the proper operation of various devices running powered by electric current. The three phase analyzers are indispensable tools in preventing device malfunction or breakdown.

AEMC, the reputable US company specialized in test and measurement instruments, is one of the most reliable and popular providers of three phase power analyzers. This company offers a variety of three phase power analyzers among some of the most popular are:

AEMC 8336 Powerpad III Power Quality Analyzer

This is one of the most popular three phase power analyzers. Similarly like the first model, this power quality analyzer can test the quality of the power running in one, two or three phase electrical systems. It features five voltage inputs and four current inputs. This instrument is perfect for analyzing the power in up to five-wire systems.

AEMC 8435 Powerpad III Weatherproof Power Quality Analyzer

This analyzer is a flexible test and measurement instrument that can troubleshoot problems in the operation of different electrical systems, including one, two and three phase networks. This instrument is characterized by four voltage input terminals and four current input terminals. The 8435 model provides option for storing trend data such as screen snapshots, alarms, transients and captured transients, for days, weeks and even months.

AEMC 8333 Powerpad Three Phase Power Analyzers with Flexible Current Probes

The 8333 mode of power analyzer provided by AEMC is one of the most flexible three phase power analyzers. It is durable, compact, easy to use and shock resistant. It gives accurate data in a variety testing and measuring circumstances. With this power quality analyzer the user can diagnose issues taking place in the power source or load. Also it can be used for the verification of different types of circuits that distribute power through an electrical device or whole system and for calculating neutral voltage and current. The generated data can be stored for further analyzing and processing.