A Checklist of Essential Kitchen Utensils Every Beginner’s Kitchen Needs

I’ve never been much of a master in the kitchen mainly because my mum cooked all the meals and she was only willing to teach me how to do something when I would ask her to. Meaning, she didn’t like it when I was crowding her cooking space with my useless presence back in the days. Still, I learned some basics and I got to see what is it that you simply must-have in your kitchen to start creating some delicious masterpieces. In a couple of days I am moving in a place of my own with my fiancée and I am faced with a very thrilling task: I have to equip my own kitchen.

I’ve picked my kitchen elements with so much pleasure and I was so happy with the choice I made that I instantly bought a book with recipes and of course, I did some research on the Internet on a few dishes my boyfriend loves so much. Yes, I am all prepared for what will be on the table this Friday, but, I still don’t have all the necessary kitchen pieces to actually prepare them. And when I decided to buy kitchen utensils, I got so confused from the vast palette of products that I came back home with empty hands and asked my mum to help me make a list. According to her, there are a few kitchen utensils you simply can’t start working in your kitchen without.

A wood spoon

When you look to buy kitchen utensils, the thing you shouldn’t neglect is the wooden spoon. It is great if you’re cooking in cookware with sensitive surfaces, like ceramics. The wooden spoon comes in various shapes so you have a choice.

Wooden Spoon


The tongs are the type of utensils that will serve every kitchen purpose: stirring a soup, serving salads, serving meat – literally everything. They’re mainly made of metal, which means you should look for something made of stainless steel if you’re aiming towards quality. They’re not expensive at all, which allows you to afford more than one.

Kitchen Tongs

A spatula

Omelettes, pancakes, bacon and everything that gets easily stuck to the pan’s surface needs to be handled with a quality spatula. The spatula is an implement with a flat blade mainly used for mixing and spreading things, but it can also be used as a helping hand too.

A whisk

How are you going to prepare scrambled eggs or delicious cakes without a good whisk? You can’t do it with your hands! A whisk is another one of the basic kitchen utensils you need to have. Make sure you get something easy to the hand so it’s not too heavy when you work with it. It should be comfortable to your grip.

Besides these essentials, mum says there are other stuff I need to get but I can afford the luxury of time before I do that. Now that I have the equipment for yummy meals, I’m definitely trying that tortillas recipe I found online last night!