The 7 Most Popular Outdoor Generators


Regardless of the situation, the outdoor generators are efficient and easy to use devices, designed to produce electricity that can be used for powering different electrical appliances. Basically, the outdoor generators can be divided in two categories: standby generators and portable generators.

The standby generators use natural gas or liquid propane in order to produce power for home use. They can work with either manual or automatic transfer switch which allows users to turn on the generator manually, or the system detects an interruption in the electricity grid automatically. The portable generators usually run on gasoline and allow consumers to plug electrical devices directly into them.

There are many outdoor generators on the market. Below we present you the 7 most popular generators that are currently on high demand on the market:

1 – DuroMax XP4400EH – In the category portable generators, the DuroMax XP4400EH stands out. It is a portable machine designed on wheels that has capability to produce power of up to 4400 watts. It is powered by a duel fuel system that runs on either standard gasoline or liquid propane. The DuroMax XP4400EH generator can reduce the run time of a normal generator while providing users with more than enough power for both domestic and outdoor job-site purposes. Other features include a full power panel, electric key start, automatic low-oil shutoff and all-terrain tires.

2 – Sportsman GEN7000LP – With a power capacity of up to 7000 watts, this generator is used for powering tools and electrical appliances for up to eight hours. Additionally, this generator utilizes a 13-horsepower, four-stroke OHV and recoil start engine. These amazing features guarantee maximum performance, and also enhanced reliability under heavy loads.

3 – Generac 5943 GP7500E – A reliable and easy to start generator that is capable to produce power of up to 7,500 watts. It is a perfect choice for household applications, outdoor work-sites where power-source is unavailable, or for emergency power situations. Aside from its reliability and durability, the Generac 5943 features an hour meter that tracks the maintenance intervals, a plug in battery charger jack and a low-oil level automatic shutdown.

4 – Champion Power Equipment 46539 – Like all previous portable generators, this model is ideal for household appliances and small applications. Champion 46539 produces around 3,500 watts during constant run-times, and it is capable to run for up to 12 hours. Champion Power Equipment 46539 is a RV-ready portable generator that features an integrated auto-choke for a reliable one-touch start, and a low-oil shutoff sensor that protects the engine while making the maintenance easier.

5 – DuroMax XP4400E – The DuroMax portable generators are certainly some of the best on the market. The XP4400E generator can power different household items and work-site power tools. It features a heavy duty steel frame that ensures high durability, and a fully isolated vibration-dampening motor that ensures quiet and smooth operation.

6 – DuroStar DS4000S – This is a portable generator that features a 7-horsepower motor with capability to produce a power of up to 4,000 watts. It is a versatile generator that is heavily used for overcoming power outages on camping or other remote sites.

7 – Hyundai HY2000si – Although small in size, the Hyundai HY2000si is a 2,000-watt generator capable to support different appliances, including computers, televisions, and a whole range of domestic and work-site power tools. This generator provides users a quiet and reliable performance.