5 Popular Bags Every Woman Should Own

As women, we’re practically spoiled for choice when it comes to accessorising our outfits. From statement jewellery and scarves to belts and bags, there’s an accessory out there for every occasion and mood. But when it comes to both functionality and style, nothing beats having a chic bag to tie up your look.

That’s why every woman should have a selection of bags in her wardrobe that she can reach for depending on the situation. This can be as elaborate or minimal as you want it to be, given the differences in lifestyle and preferences we all so naturally have. But even with these subtle nuances in our style, some bags should take precedence over others.

What Bags Should Every Woman Have?

While there are no hard and fast rules in the world of fashion, there’s no denying that certain bag styles are required in any woman’s wardrobe. As times change and trends evolve, it can get a bit tricky to keep up, but sticking to some classics can certainly help you keep your style on point.

Crossbody Bag

Perhaps one of the most versatile options, women’s crossbody bags feature a singular strap that goes across your body and usually have a pouch-like shape that fits all the necessities. It’s not particularly striking, but it can certainly come in handy when you need something that’s both practical and fashionable.

One of the most appealing things about having a durable and convenient women’s crossbody purse is the sheer number of possibilities it presents. It can go as high-end or casual as you want it to be, depending on the situation and your own preferences. Plus, everything you need is basically within arm’s reach, which can be quite handy in situations where you’re in a rush or need to reach something quickly.

women's crossbody purse

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Not to mention the added level of security and peace of mind that comes with having your bag in a position where you can keep an eye on it at all times. Sure, you can move it to the side a bit if that’s easier, but it’s still comfortably within your range of vision. Even with the most basic models, you’d have a trendy and secure bag that’ll quickly become your go-to accessory.

Another reason why having a women’s crossbody purse is such a smart option is its compact yet spacious design. It’s big enough to fit all the items you need without being overly bulky, with several compartments to help you keep everything organised. Whether you’re heading out for the day or just running a few errands around town, it can tackle anything with ease.

As for the specific style of the outer layer, you can go for something minimalist with a plain colour and texture or opt for something that stands out with bright hues and prints. The way you accessorise and carry it is entirely up to you, as the beauty of having a crossbody bag lies in its incredible adaptability.

Everyday Clutch

Another small but powerful accessory that women should have in their arsenal is the everyday clutch. It may not seem like much, given its size and lack of straps or other embellishments, but this sophisticated and stylish bag can make a huge difference in your look.

Unlike the crossbody bag where you have an adjustable strap, you can hold the clutch in your hands or tuck it under your arm for more visual depth and shape. Whether you’re trying to add interest to your work outfits or simply want to make a statement with a casual look, this bag can help you turn your fashion game up a notch.

everyday clutches

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Shoulder Bag

The classic shoulder bag can be considered a transitional piece between the everyday clutch and the crossbody bag. It has the same pouch-like shape as the latter, but with a longer strap and slightly bigger size. It’s a fantastic option for those who want the convenience of having multiple compartments and quick access to their belongings without sacrificing style.

When it comes to materials, there are a lot of options available – starting from leather and synthetic fabrics to canvas and nylon. The first two offer more of a solid structure with more sturdy feels and luxurious looks, while the latter two provide flexibility and an increased range of colours to choose from.

Tote Bag

The hipster lifestyle of the 21st century has brought with it a new kind of handbag that’s equally as chic and functional as it is convenient. The tote bag – also referred to as the “carryall” or “shopper’s bag” – is just that: a large, rectangular-shaped bag with two handles and a lot of room for your goods.

The only downside of this model is that it has a noticeable lack of pockets and compartments, as well as zippers or other fastening systems. This inherently makes it a bit less secure than other types of bags, so it’s best used for errands or quick trips where you don’t expect to be carrying around a lot of valuables.


If you want to keep your hands free and your belongings secure, then a backpack is definitely a notable contender. Whether you’re a student, traveller or just someone who’s always on the move and needs to carry around lots of items, a backpack is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

The beauty of these models is that they come in a number of sizes, materials and designs to fit any lifestyle. From stylish leather options for a more formal look to casual canvas models that are designed for outdoor adventures, the possibilities are virtually endless.