The Most Popular Grader Manufacturers


One construction machine that is used for excavating tasks and for creating a smooth surface finish is the motor grader. The graders come in all kinds of forms and sizes, and are essential tools for a variety of construction tasks. These machines carry a blade which is positioned between the front and rear wheels. This blade is called a grader and it can be controlled hydraulically or mechanically. As said above, the graders are generally used for roadworks, as tools that smooth and make the surface flat. There are different grader models on the market, designed and produced by well-known manufacturers. Some of the most popular grader manufacturers are the following ones:

Komatsu. The Komatsu graders are very popular machines among the construction companies around the world. These machines offer many benefits and advantages for the contractors in terms of flexibility, powerful performance and superior results. All Komatsu graders are equipped with a powerful Komatsu diesel engine that delivers from 190 to 220 horsepower depending on the model. With two operating modes: power or economy, these graders save significant amount of fuel, while at the same time improve the efficiency and increase the productivity. The new Komatsu graders come with ergonomically designed cabins for ultimate operator comfort and great visibility.

Caterpillar. Caterpillar is a reputable American brand for heavy-duty machines, including graders. The graders from Caterpillar are known as machines that offer world-class controls, state of art hydraulic systems and electronics, increased productivity and many other benefits. The popular M-Series motor graders from Caterpillar are used for a variety of projects and are equipped with many innovative features. Every grader from the M-Series is designed with the new Cat 6 ACERT engine that guarantees maximum productivity. The innovative ACERT technology reduces the combustion temperatures and optimize the fuel consumption to deliver better results. Excellent visibility and maximum operator comfort is what the Caterpillar graders can offer.

Champion. Champion is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to motor graders. The Champion motor graders are capable to complete a variety of tasks and to work in areas where other grader machines cannot perform. Versatile, efficient and designed with state of art technology, the motor graders from Champion are ideal machines for every construction company. Champion is known as a manufacturer that always tries to offer maximum productivity and ultimate comfort for the operators, plus the needed reliability and durability for efficient results. In its product line, Champion offers a wide range of motor graders, including articulated single-axle drive, articulated all wheel drive, and articulated tandem drive motor graders.